Fun With Flowers

Actually, it should be fun with camera and flowers. Yes, as I told you last week the new toy has me playing often… like a kid in his sandbox I am experimenting with the textures and functions of some of the items to be found in the sandbox. It’s fun. It’s also amazing to realise that a little box that captures light can have so much technology built in. Imagine what Prof Michelangelo or Dr da Vinci would have made of such a toy!

Bright yellow... floral fun!

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Mobile Phone Fun…

A few week’s ago we went for a stroll along the cliff walk at Howth. The day was sunny but as is often the way in Ireland there was a bit of rain around, as can be seen in this photo. What I enjoy is watching folk whipping out their mobile phones and snapping away merrily… then sending their captures off to where ever. I wonder how many images similar to this were seen all around the world on the day as there were many tourists about.

The GLW looking out to rain cloud in the distance... liquid Irish summer sunshine!!

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What’s All The Fuss About?

What's all the fuss about??

So, what on earth could this lens be looking at? You guessed the location correctly… out in the open. Out in the fields. Actually, to be more exact it was out along the edges of a peat harvesting area somewhere in the Bog of Alan.

On the verges of the peat harvesting area... what could be found on the edge of this black wilderness??

Some of the land has been left to recover as best it can. This has resulted in grasses and various clovers establishing a foothold again. I even spotted bog cotton off in the distance. Let’s hope other bog plants like leathers and heaths will return sooner than later. OK, back to the story. What on earth are these sages mulling about? Out along the verges of the peat bog? Are they on an orienteering expedition or are the out on a big boy’s bonding stroll?

All the wise men talking?? Are they lost and looking for spoor? Has some wild beast gone by?

No, it’s rather less sinister or challenging that. All this activity took place last Saturday when I attended a field walk hosted by the good folk of Bird Watch Ireland’s Kildare branch and Butterfly Conservation Ireland. The quest was planned for sightings of a very particular butterfly. The Small Skipper.

The Small Skipper, one of the Irish clan!!

This butterfly first made an appearance in this Irish location five or six years ago. A few of the knowledgeable folk on the walk suggested that even though the exact explanation as to how they arrived is not known it is none-the-less suspected that eggs or larvae were imported in horse feed.

Apparently, Small and Essex Skippers were seen when the discovery of the new colony was made but seemingly the Essex cousins didn’t like Kildare much and moved down to the seaside in Wexford where they are now resident. OK, that’s my version of events. We encountered a number of the small lads and lasses and by all accounts the population is doing well.

Small Skippers... one... two... three!!

Before I leave you… this was a first sighting for yours truly… another Irish specie crossed off the list. If I keep at knocking them off at this rate I’ll account for all the Irish butterfly residents within a few summers… I hope!

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Purple – Ailsa’s WTT

Purple! Some colour! Some statement of fact. Imagine going through life without having purple as accompaniment. Imagine missing out on the richness of the splendour that is purple in all it’s shades.

The only worry I have with Ailsa’s challenge this week is that you’ll mutter something along the lines of…

“Oh, not more flowers, bees and butterflies again.”

However, the more I thought about it the stronger my conviction grew… mauve, indigo, violet… all the lovely hues associated with purple, are too good to pass by. So, I’m afraid, as I can’t distinguish where one colour begins and the other ends, I’ll have to bore you with a wee gallery of colour…

For those of you tiring of the macros… I’ll leave you with a view along the Royal Canal from Louisa Bridge, the Buddleja bush adds just enough purple to fit the bill!

18 006

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Containers – WPhotoC

Strange how the last few weeks have thrown up challenges with Irish links. This week is no different as Ben chooses the containers as the theme. Why? Well, his inspiration is derived from a visit to Dublin’s famous Guinness Storehouse. He shows a low level close-up of the massive tanks containing the black stuff.

I was reminded of one of the first photos I took on our one and only visit to the place. The self-same tanks as seen from the car park on a chilly winter’s evening… eerie in the orange glow. So, why don’t I do a bit of a copycat and show you the tank on a misty winter’s evening?

The tanks at the Guinness Storehouse... full of the dark stuff!!

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Friday’s Fun Focus

Too much messing? Are our eyes actually able to see the colours this vividly when we’re out there or does the camera’s software take it half a step too far? Some of me likes the effect… some of me thinks not.

Rural rustic of too enhanced?

Too cute? Too heavy on the eye? Ah no… just about as far as manipulation can go? Then, there is the option of de-enhancing a tad… why not? A bit of black and white never killed anyone and believe me… I think a dark room film version would have looked about like this… so, maybe the camera doesn’t lie after all!

Rustic as seen in days gone by? Who knows??

Enjoy your day… enjoy your weekend and don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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The Glove!

The glove! Happy playing... happy weeding?

New camera? New toy? New ideas? New targets?

Yes to all of the above! Now even gloves become attractive targets. Why? Because the settings can be changed to capture specific colours and black and white the rest. Seems the orange glove glows but obviously I have some learning to do because skin tones and other bits are also glowing!

I guess my creative juices have truly been stimulated so you’re going to have to get used to my playing because there are many options to explore. I promise I’ll try not to be too painful… well, maybe I promise!

Mind you, thinking of the glowing again… never knew my GLW was a glowing redhead but that may explain some of the traits I’ve been wondering about for a long time!

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Show Stopper!!

The Blue Tit and the GLW... TLC!!

This little one flow straight in through the open kitchen sliding door thinking the window on the opposite side of the room was the way to go. It flew into the window with quite a thud, winding itself. Junior Son and the GLW rescued the poor fellow and after a few minutes TLC and patient stroking the bird’s heart rate slowed to normal.

The GLW took the Blue Tit outside to a more familiar environment and after the two posed for the obligatory photo session the bird recovered sufficiently to say it’s fond farewell and flit off into the nearest bush. Now, every time we see a Blue Tit on the feeder we wonder…

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My Mountain Goat Moment

Last week this time I was having my extended Michelangelo Moment. Yes, it lasted all of Tuesday so in keeping with the theme I’ll have me another moment this Tuesday. Last week’s moment included my GLW so in keeping with that theme I’ll again show you the GLW… doing her best mountain goat impersonation.


Only thing… it’s more fun if I throw in three pics because then you can see the action in a few seconds…


There you have it… now you see her, now you don’t… well, almost. Where were we scrambling? Howth head, of course. We’d followed two lads down from the summit only to find out that the track had been blocked by a rock slide. So, turn back we did.


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Monday Macro!

First fruits! Small Tortoiseshell macro taken with the new Nikon 3300!

That detail got you sitting up? I really hope so because this photo is the first one on the blog taken with the new toy. Yep, Taxman Santi arrived early so the happy household now sports a Nikon 3300. Oh, if you’re wondering what happened with the trusty 3000 that’s been providing most of the blog’s visual inspiration for the last two years… don’t fear, Junior Son is now the proud owner of his first DSLR!

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