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The Calling Canvas?

I’ll begin today by divulging a secret… no, it’s nothing earth shattering. Actually, to many, it’s not even a secret. I have, in the past, been known to slap paint on the odd canvas, occasionally with mild success. I’ve not attempted anything remotely artistically connected with a piece of paper or canvas for quite some time but the other day I was walking past the sale bins in the local store when a large canvas stopped me in my tracks and begged to be taken home.

Yes, I bowed to the demands and now the canvas has a new home. However, now it’s staring at me every time I walk in or out of our bedroom. It’s sill wrapped in it’s plastic coat but I’m sure it’s mocking me… whispering something along these lines…

“Chicken… you can’t tame me! You’re clueless!! Chicken!!”

I quake… I am clueless but I’m not going to pass by the begging canvas’ pleas to bring it home. Why would I bring home a canvas if I’m going to allow it to torment me? No, I’ll have you and the canvas know that I’m going to turn it’s pale white skin into something brighter… something with many lines and shapes… like a multicoloured patchwork coat. 

My plan? Easy. Many moons ago I posted about doing a “Mondrian” impersonation. Do click here and do a bit of time travel back to January 2012. There you’ll see the inspiration for that post. Today I’ll include a similar photo, only this one is in landscape. And there you have it… my problem. Should I do a vertical or horizontal rendition?

Can it be done? Turning this pic into a "Mondrian"? Who knows? Only time and the canvas will tell!

OK… now the story has snuck out. One thing though… please don’t tell the canvas yet… I’ve still got to pluck up the courage to rip off it’s flimsy old boring coat!

PS – It’s Friday… again! Enjoy your day and may you have a great weekend! 

PSS – The barge you see down there in Grand Canal Dock is good friend MF’s 31B… a grand old lady!

PSSS – The photo was taken so long ago with the little point and shoot… before it met a wet end in the Royal Canal. It’s good to still be able to use something from it’s galleries!

PSSSS – OK… I’ll go now!

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Wall Art – of a Different Kind

Usually, wall art is man-made… in the form of unsightly spray-painted vandalism or better quality graffiti. In days gone by the rage was all internal fresco decoration. It took masters like da Vinci and Michelangelo to perfect those techniques.

However, occasionally Mother Nature wants to paint her own picture for our pleasure. Then she scatters a few seeds about. On the odd occasion these seeds land on top of ruined walls and in so doing we are granted wall art with a difference. Mother Nature's wall art!

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All Erect!

There are days when one wants to go to a place but the opportunity eludes. Yep, even though Howth is just around the proverbial corner, I couldn’t find time to visit there last weekend. Why would I want to go to Howth in the first place? A few reasons… the scenery and to lay my hands on some quality fresh seafood. Imagine a few prawns on the braai… can’t beat that!

OK, so what’s next to do if one can’t visit? Look through the galleries and find a photo or two that cries Howth… or coastal, or boats or… reminisce. This photo was taken on a very blustery February day. I enjoyed the effect of the sunshine breaking through the dark clouds on that occasion… illuminating patches of scenery while the other areas were still in shade. Sun, wind and clouds creating ever changing patchwork vistas to enjoy…

Masts aplenty... Howth Harbour, Co Dublin, Ireland

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Royal Canal Sunsets

When you get special atmospheric sunsets they always seem to be a little better if there’s water to be seen. This photo was taken in mid June of this year along the Royal Canal. The colours are special and the reflection off the canal adds a little extra touch. 

June 2014, Royal Canal sunset, Ireland

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Fly the Flag!

There are days when we feel the urge to tell the world how we feel about a particular situation. Which side of the fence we’re actually on. Lately, much has been happening in the world that has divided opinion. The Middle East, the not so Middle East and then not too many miles north, the Ukraine. I know on what side of the fence I am on in all of those conflicts. 

On the side of PEACE!! Peace and understanding. Reconciliation and compromise. Acceptance of the rights of others to coexist. Equality in bringing stability. Dialogue and discussion. Peace is within the grasp of all of us, is it not? It should be the most basic fundamental rights of mankind. 

Today’s photo inspired all these words. When I saw the lad hanging off the top of the exercise pole the first thought that crossed my mind was “Hoist the flag”. The focus is slightly out but I do enjoy all the activity. The lad running toward the left is actually running on a low wall and seems to be in pursuit of the ball. Some agility, if that’s what’s happening.

Hoisting the flag?

It’s a fun photo but it got my mind thinking of more serious things. Let’s not lose sight of the plight of others. Maybe if all the factions would consider that they all have part in the death and destruction and all have a part to play in stopping the death and destruction then reconciliation and mediation will work, Stop the tit-for-tat finger pointing and blame laying. Fly the flag for peace!  

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Silhouette – WPhotoC

This week’s WordPress challenges allows us to show off some of the photos we take to see what the effect of the light would be on the outcome. Here’s a few of the tips given by Cheri about capturing silhouettes … 

  • Place your subject in front of a light source.
  • Keep the background simple and uncluttered.
  • Create clean lines and distinct shapes. (You don’t want to photograph a blob!)
  • Move around — the light will change with each angle.

When all is said and done I’m of the opinion we do all of the above subconsciously when we have horizons and sunlight in our favour. The ship on the horizon, although distant, is silhouetted rather well below the sun. I think it adds the sparkle to an otherwise routine sunrise… 

Winter sunrise out over Dublin Bay, Ireland... silhouetting the ship on the horizon...

We can use other sources of illumination as well as I did with in the next photo… full moon casts it’s orange glow over the winter countryside… silhouetting the bare trees just enough to add character…

Full moon rising... silhouetting the winter shapes...

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Horizons – Ailsa’s WTT

Where does one begin? I’m a lad from the wide open spaces of Africa. There where horizons seem to recede into the purple mists… in ever fading lines. Lines of jagged rocky outcrops… smooth lines of undulating hills or just simply wide open spaces stretching so far that the blackness of spaces adds the backdrop of millennia past. Or, one can draw inward… as I commented when Ailsa posted the challenge… Ireland has no big skies… no vast open spaces. So, I’ve turned the idea around a little… to suit my taste…  

Where's the horizon? Where's the focal point? The wellingtom Testimonial in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

Why not begin with a bit of ambiguity? Is the faint yellowish horizontal grass line the horizon or are the trees drawing our eye to the solitary focal point on the virtual horizon?

The roof line adds a shallow horizon to  create the reference for the clouds!!

Then, why not use the structure of the roof to define the horizon? I’m sure the cloud-scape would have looked totally out of place had there not been a fixed line low in the photo. Surely a big sky? Well, if not big then messy!

Skyline? maybe... tree in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

Back to Phoenix Park… where’s the horizon here? I don’t know but is it really of any consequence? 

 Birds birds and more birds!!

Low horizons. Birds, birds and more birds… a flock of terns, me thinks… that’s Howth in the distance. Grand… why not stay with the feathered friends but pull the horizon in a little… or a lot? 

Stuffed bird on the horizon? No... just a moment in time...

I wonder? Was there really a horizon to speak of in that pic? Blurred between the grass heads maybe. No, it’s not a stuffed bird prop for effect, it’s me fluking a photo. Then, if there wasn’t enough horizon in this pic I’ll leave you with a proper horizon… see if you can spot the oddity? Soft landings anyone? 

Se the lad above the horizon?

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The Three Pillars

There I was… going to teach you about the three pillars. Then, I did a search on the Big G for said three columns of eternal existence and found that just about every philosophy, dogma or civilization, past and present, base their thinking on three pillars. Therefore I’ll leave you to do your own search and concentrate my efforts on showing you what really got me going along this path of enlightenment…

The 3 pillars... Wellington Testimonial, GLW and the Poolbeg stacks... technically that makes it 4!!

We were taking a stroll in Dublin’s Phoenix Park when I spotted my two most favourite Poolbeg Chimneys in the distance. Also in picture to the left was the Wellington Testimonial Obelisk. As these things happen, I asked the GLW to pose for a photo of her touching the erect structures… only, with the zoom lens it is not possible to get it all in focus but I did have fun trying to make it all work.  

I know which pillar is the priority!!

There you have it… my three pillars for the day. All things considered, I know which on of the three is top priority in my life!

PS – As there are two Poolbeg stacks it makes that technically there are actually 4 pillars visible… I won’t tell anyone I can’t count if you don’t!

PSS – Friday again… do enjoy your day and have a great weekend! Don’t do what I wouldn’t…   

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Night Photography and Meteor Showers

Two days ago I posted shots of the Super Moon rising and mentioned not spotting a meteor to take shots of. When I heard Tuesday night was supposed to be the night to see or record the showers I decided to brave the chilly evening air and wait to capture a photo or two. The other factor in the equation was the recent acquisition of the new camera. I want to do night photography so this was an obvious excuse to try my hand at learning the camera’s tricks in the dark. I set it up to face in a north east direction fully knowing that at some point the very bright, almost full, moon was going to arrive on the scene to do it’s own magic. 

Moon rise glow...

The first pic was taken while I was experimenting with the settings. The glow on the clouds is caused by the light of the rising moon. Yes, I know the sky is a tad grainy but give me my dues, I’m only an amateur! 

Is that the ISS I see or could it be a meteor??

The second pic is my one and only capture of something flashing across the sky. A meteor? No, it’s most likely the International Space Station… now, however you look at it, not a bad result for a first time effort! (Do click on the photo to enlarge… you may see the stripe in the sky a tad easier!)

PS – Still haven’t managed a meteor… it was so chilly the lens misted up!! 

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WWWWWW – Microtocracy?

When last have I bothered with a wickedly witty word of wisdom on a wet Wednesday? I really can’t answer that one without doing a crawl through the blog. Talking of doing a crawl, I searched the great Big G’s engines for the very word that’s part of today’s title… only to find no definitions and only a list of registered domains… obviously some visionary thought it wise to snap up the websites early.

The word is meaningless in real life… until you include the management styles of micro managers in the equation. I’ll attempt to create a definition that goes some way in explaining what I’m getting at. Here we go…

Microtocracy is micro management’s tool of choice, when evaluating workplace performance, for using while adjudging individual merit appraisal. It is the practice of applying the little black book of recorded indiscretion to negatively evaluate and thus to build on the successful character assassination of an individual who does not fit the exact profile of a subservient wage slave.

Phew, on which ill wind was that blown in? Maybe the answer is simple… years of dealing with managers who possess no creativity and suffer the acute banality of tunnel vision.

Satis Dictum!

Well, not quite, do click here if you’d like to read my LinkedIn entry dedicated to the subject…

It's a shite job but someone's got to do it! Microtocracy and life...

Yep, it’s a shite job but someone’s got to do it… conversely put, how many creative ideas have been flushed down the chute by micro manager’s and their microtocracy?

NB – Here’s a thought… microtocrazy? How does that sound for a new concept?

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