Silent Sunday – Christmas Red!

Christmas RED! Poinsettia against a frosty window...

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Golden – Ailsa’s WTT

Yep… it’s that time of the year when moments are golden… when all our doings should be infused with the warm light of joy and peace! Love and understanding. Tolerance and acceptance… just like the Good Book would have us be!

Golden sunshine... Dublin Bay on a chilly winter's morning Dec 2014

Golden sunrise over Dublin Bay…

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Fancy a Stroll?

Nothing like a weekend for a long stroll on the beach! May the weather be kind to you this weekend… may you have more fun than you bargained for!

Stroll on Bull Island beach... Dublin, Ireland...

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One Week To Go!

What will you be doing in a week’s time? Well, if all goes to plan I’ll be attempting to feed the family. As is our tradition, we’ll be doing the roasts on the braai… the outdoor braai! If the weather plays ball it’s not too bad spending a few hours outside on Christmas day but if Tuesday evening of this week was a precursor then I’m going to have a rough time!

Braaiing in December rain... in Ireland!

This was taken in the cold and rain… doing a farewell braai for a friend who’s returning to Oz in a day’s time…

PS – You may be wondering about the rustic set-up… well, we’re in rented accommodation so there’s no choice. We have one of those landlords… just having the drum there is already an issue!! As they say in the classics… baaaaa-hum flipping BUG!!

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It’s that time of the year again when we’re supposed to take the year in review and assess our performance. This is much the same at work where we’re either happy or dejected with what our personal feedback from our managers may be. In our personal live we may take time off to reflect… or we may simply take a photo of our reflection and then when we’re asked about our annual introspection we can look back at the image… not a pretty sight, some may say!

A year in review... personal reflection of the past!! ;-)

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Sun Run!

Deceptive these photos! Judging from this picture one could get the impression that the sun is splitting the stones, however there’s much wrong with that assumption. The photo was taken at 09h31 but there was still ice on the ground. The photo is all wrong for the total overexposure but that’s the magic of the new generation SLR’s… the on-board computer does quite a bit of adjusting to tone down the sunlight. Imagine pointing a film camera in this direction and pulling the trigger…

Taking a sun run... on a chilly winter's day! Dublin's North Bull Wall was the spot to be!

PS – I’m still harassing folk for votes for yesterday’s photo… please scroll down and read… and if you’ll be so kind, follow the instructions to cast a vote!! There’s only a few days remaining so maybe I’ll be lucky and win the lens… but I need MANY more votes to do that!!

PS – If you’re wondering, the photo was taken looking out toward the Irish Sea while walking along the North Bull Wall.

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Flights of Fancy!

Today’s photo is another I entered in the Nikon 12 Day’s of Christmas competition, in the “Weather” challenge. The prize is a tantalising 28/300 mm lens!! Which again means that I’m going to beg you to please click here and once you’ve found the photo on the drop down menu #Challenge 10, select the photo and click on the little heart in the bottom right hand corner. As always… THANKS!!

Chilly winter's morning Dublin Bay sunrise... Dec 2014

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Silent Sunday – Twinkle

Twinkle - a strange silent Sunday... festive mood! Arklow street light...

Sorry… ’tis the season so I’ll partake in the WP Weekly Photo Challenge… promise next week I’ll say nothing again!!

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Ailsa’s WTT – FREEDOM!!

Below is the comment I left over at Ailsa’s blog after reading her challenge this week…

Believe it or not… every time I see a young lady walking along an Irish country lane or the canal it spells freedom to me!! Leaving the car unlocked… or a window open… or even coming home to find the front door key still left in the lock… that screams FREEDOM!!

I’ll add, we’ve been in Ireland for almost 14 years and yet, the concept of freedom is still valued and appreciated by us!! I know this is not utopia but man… my GLW said something not long after we arrived here… “one can’t eat sunshine…” That simple statement always reminds me of the freedom we so enjoy here!!

Here’s a few of my quotes on the subject…

Rain versus sunshine… I know which will win every time, until you throw freedom into the equation!

On the other hand…

Freedom doesn’t hide from the rain nor does sunshine promote peace!

Freedom! Keys in the front door... arriving home hours later to find "someone" had locked and left... key in tact!!

I’ve written about freedom on a few occasions… it just so happens that the last post to contain the word actually features a photo of two young ladies walking along the Royal Canal… do click here for a look. (You can use the tag freedom to search for some of my other posts… one that springs to mind is my view on Nelson Mandela’s flawed legacy…)

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I Wasn’t There – Peter Gabriel in Dublin!!

No, I wasn’t there. This is a tale passed on by a distant acquaintance. Apparently his GLW won tickets to the Dublin show on a weekend Radio Nova phone in. Then, as was the way with them, they had a bit of a family setback so they couldn’t set off for the midweek concert in good time. This resulted in them getting stuck in the traffic snarl-up caused by the mayhem of the massed anti-water charges protests!

OK, so they made it past the pinch-points but didn’t quite know where to park. They found undercover parking but had to walk/jog/canter at a rather stiff pace to get to the arena. Being December the weather was out in full force to get even with the anti-water charges protesters!! I mean, they don’t want to pay for the privilege so Mother Nature must have thought it only correct to give them a little more free! Pity Mother Nature couldn’t quite keep the other good folk from getting lashed as well.

OK… enough of that story. The two darlings made it to their seats just as the great man sang one of their favourite songs!

Come talk to me!!

Come Talk To Me really got them into the mood of things… along with the massed crowds, for the place was packed to almost capacity. Soon they were immersed in the sound and light show extraordinaire!! They testified that they were absolutely thrilled and delighted to have been so fortunate to see the show.

Peter Gabriel in Dublin, 2014 - some show!!

Anyway, my acquaintances have asked me not to reveal their identity because the camera police wagged a big finger at them for having a bit of “professional looking equipment” that breached copyright rules. A BIG NO-NO!! So, after setting off merrily taking photos they toned down their act, only venturing to break copyright on the odd occasion. Needless to say, the fellow only passed on a few photos for me to show you.

Peter Gabriel in Dublin, 2014 - Digging in the Dirt!! Great song as well!!

I think you’ll have to agree with me… sitting soooo far away from the stage negated any thoughts of the photos being taken by a professional. You may also agree that even though they’re good they’re not quite of a resale quality!!

Peter Gabriel in Dublin, 2014 - change of colour!!

Anyway… they were even more thrilled the next day when they found out they’d only missed the first song. So, there you have it… a second-hand tale of a first-rate event. To add a little something… I’ll include a link to the set list of the Dublin show… you may even click on the little arrows to view each song!! Now, how’s that for breaking copyright regs??

Peter Gabriel in Dublin, 2014 - Taking the bow!!

Friday!! Whooppee… as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!! Oh, OK… I’ll show you just one more photo… but please, don’t tell anyone!

Peter Gabriel in Dublin, 2014 - great lights... greater music and even greater to see the legend that is Peter Gabriel live!!

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