F.. Fi.. Friday!!

How many of us are only living for Friday and the ensuing the weekend? So wrong really! So, today could be flying Friday… or fishy Friday but in keeping with showing you the GLW’s pics I’ll make it floral Friday.

DtFB PF - If it looks like a weed, smells like a weed and acts like a weed then it surely must be a weed! Morning glory finding a way in!

Yep, I know the ubiquitous Morning Glory is really an aggressive weed but one does see them sticking their heads out in strange places… like this fella managed to find the only way up to the whole in the yew foliage!

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Sunset Glow…

The GLW loves chasing sunsets. Here’s one of many taken this summer.

Summer sunset... Kildare 2014

PS – Mind you… I’m fond of chasing sunsets myself… fonder when I’m chasing them with the GLW… fonder still of chasing the GLW!!

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Full Moon Rising!!

Continuing with another of the GLW’s great photos… this one was taken on Friday 13th of June 2014… one of those rare occasions when a full moon coincides with the dreaded 13th day of a month… great!

DtFB PF - Friday 13 June 2013 full moon as seen rising in Co Kildare...

The full moon just before sliding its way behind the low bank of clouds… reflecting of the Ryewater in Co Kildare

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Till Tuesday…

I wanted something a little different so I went on a raid. Where? The Good Lady’s files. I found a few beauts so be expecting to see some more in the coming days.

DtFBPF - Leaves and lily... summer spleamdour

Yes, I’ll share royalties with her good self as and when the money rolls in…

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That Time of the Year!

Yesterday’s post really surprised me… so, here’s another teaser. Penny for your thoughts…

Spring colours? Not likely!

As it’s Monday… do enjoy your week! May you have copious amounts of fun!

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Noise – Ailsa’s WTT

Here’s a travel theme with a twist. Relate the first noise that comes to mind when you see the image…

Reading between the lines...

Hope you’re not reading anything sinister between the lines…

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Humanity – WPhotoC

Where does one begin? To capture the essence of the human soul must be every artist or photographer’s dream. That precise moment when the twinkle in the eye is at its loveliest… or liveliest? Thirdeyemom sets this week’s tone… humanity. I dithered this way and that, using every excuse in the book not to want to take on the challenge. I’ve never really traveled that far and when we were still in Africa or flitting over to the continent for the odd holiday we never owned cameras.

However, I’ve worked in the most cosmopolitan and divers workplaces while here in Ireland, so I don’t have to go far to capture that diversity. Therefore, as Third Eye Mom suggests, why not use photos to represent how the diversity makes up what we understand to be humanity… and that all without leaving the greater Dublin area!

OK… one quick admission… I love shooting random street shots… holding the camera at chest height and hitting the shutter release as I go. Many of these pics are the result of this sneaky pastime of mine. I’ve had hours of fun preparing this gallery… I have so many photos I could maybe put a few more together!

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Friday Fun!

I couldn’t resist taking a few pics when I walked by this traffic mirror. Then, when I uploaded the photos I found this one had a few fun elements… yep,

number one, the mirror makes me look thin…

number two… the flash neatly disguises my face and when in doubt…

return to number one!

Friday fun! A bit of anti-narcissism!

Nope, I’m not narcissistic… I merely enjoy trying to capture the effects created by curved mirrors!!

Friday again! Enjoy yours… and have a great weekend of fun! now, let me get off to other pressing matters…

“Mirror mirror up the pole… 

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Something Different!

Yes, time to move on to the lower levels… as low down as the beach sand will allow. We’ve been having a rather mild September… in fact it’s been far more pleasant that August managed to be so, not being one to complain I took myself down to the beach the other day. Here’s proof that beauty also exists at low level! 

Shells on Sandymount Beach...

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Love on the Rocks?

Occasionally an image triggers a post title. Today’s is rather obvious but the discomfort level the two must have endures sitting there just asked for a snap to be taken. Once again, I couldn’t resist getting the Poolbeg Stacks in the shot as well… yes I know, I seem to have a morbid fascination with the twins. No, I’m not really bent, it’s just that they seem to call for attention, just like the two on the rocks…  

Love on the rocks? Romance, or sore bums, against the backdrop of the Poolbeg Chimneys, Dublin, Ireland

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