Man Flu v Lady Sickness?

Now here’s a riddle…

“What’s the difference between man flu and lady sickness?”

Think you know? Come on… we men are supposed to all be performers of Oscar quality when we have a bit of a cold.

Yep… according to the long-suffering ladies in our lives we are just looking for attention… sympathy?


I ask again…

“What’s the difference between man flu and lady sickness?”

It’s easy… only the size of the toilet roll!!

The man flu ROLL!!

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Dublin Buildings, Custom House Dome

I was surprised to find out that Dublin’s Custom House was completed as long ago as 1791. I’ve always attempted to get good pics of the building as it stands out as quite a statement along the Liffey. I’ve previously placed a few night shots as well as a chic French lady posing. Now I’m left to wonder… who is the lady atop the dome? Don’t really know, what I do know is that seagulls and pigeons get a much closer view…

The green dome of Custom House... who's the lady atop the structure?

Click here to read a little more about the history

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White OUT!

I was hunting in the archives a few days ago for something “fresh…” This photo, taken in December 2010 reminded me of that really fresh winter. We were snowbound for most of December and early January. We were lucky to have warm shelter and food at the ready… imagine living out in this and still having to find something to chew on in the permafrost…

Horses in the snow... Dec 2010, Kildare, Ireland

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These Four Walls?

Old walls… how many tales? You tell me. How? Easy. Sit for five minutes… even three… look at the photo and then let your mind wonder. I’m sure knights in armour or nights of passion will spring to mind. Why not just do it? You never know how bestsellers are born…

Somewhere in Offaly... Ireland. Walls...

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Shannon Bliss

Now, pray tell, why wouldn’t you want to walk all the way to the Shannon to see such a pleasant summer sight?

Ireland's River Shannon... a mighty flow of water...

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Off The Rails?

Sometimes, just sometimes, we get to wonder if our direction is still on track. Are we who we really think we are or have we slipped up somewhere along the way and now we’ve developed into someone we never thought we’d become? Are we being true to ourselves (and ultimately to those around us) or have we missed a turn or two along the way? Are we still on track or have we derailed ourselves somewhere along the way? Who knows? Only we can gauge that… in the fullness of time…

Off the rails?

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Country Sunset…

Fence POST...

Fence posts come in many forms… farmers are usually ingenious lads and lasses who know how two adapt and adopt that which others will toss as waste. An old sleeper discarded by the railway folk turns into  long-lasting fence post.

Eventually Mother Nature takes control and what was once hers becomes a support for new growth. Slowly, as the weathering process continues, the old sleeper reveals its grained beauty. Set the old lump of lumber against a winter sunset and you have quite a pleasurable scene…

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Sometimes one gets sight of a photo that shouts warm summer. Yes, I know we’re far from the harvest season and shouldn’t wish our lives away, especially as it’s not even spring proper, however, a tad of warmth can’t be that bad?

Harvest time... round bales litter the parched field... Co Kildare, Ireland

‘Tis Friday… do have fun… jollification and a fair amount or weekend rest… mostly though, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

The End of WW15

Day after day it’s getting warmer, butterflies and bees on the wing
Robins, blackbirds and wrens boldly about their territories sing
Swallows, martins and swifts from afar good summer tidings bring

At the end of workweek fifteen all we want is a fair share of rest
Maybe some jollification here or even a smattering of party jest
Relax, read a book, take a walk or just sleep… if that maybe best

Spare a moment to reflect on the happenings of this eventful week
Queen met President, the path to lasting Northern peace to seek
While in other parts of the world leaders of conflict resolution speak

While world rulers wonder how to change all man’s wrong to right
We don’t really care too much if the weekend sun shines bright
As long as we can cope with the script that life for us does write!

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10 – 4 My Good Buddy…

Who remembers CB Radio? The younger generation has no idea how useful the things were and how much fun we had with citizen band radio. As today is the tenth of the fourth I will dedicate it to the memory of CBR… all good clean fun it was, back in the late 70′s an early 80′s. Gosh, it seems so far in the back in the mists of time…

Blue sky HDR fun... tree and chimneys at trinity College, Dublin Ireland

Trees, red bricks… blue sky… two birds, what more could you ask for? Taken at Trinity College, Dublin…

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Royal Canal Colour

More HDR fun… how about a pleasant Royal Canal scene done souped up with the HDR plaything. The bit of enhancing really lifts out the autumn colours well…

Royal Canal autumn colour - HDR

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