Angular – WPhotoC

This week ‘s photo pick took quite a bit of thought. Xiao challenges us to show different perspectives. If you really think of it, our modern lives are filled with all sorts of angular shapes. Everything man makes seems to have lines and angles. Nature softens things up but man can’t do it like that. If we build odd shaped buildings they are either non functional, impractical or ugly.

The gatehouse of Trim Castle... the angels don't seem quite so stark now that decay has set in a bit...

However, sometimes decay and old age soften lines and add character to once mighty edifices of angularity. This photo is of the ramp up to the gatehouse of Trim Castle. The remains of the Keep can be seen in the background. There are lines and angles aplenty yet the partial ruins add a softer touch…

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Something Random

Some days it pays to just throw in a random photo. This one is of the ancient derrick near the Poolbeg Lighthouse on the far end on the Great South Wall in Dublin. In the distance is the Dublin Docklands with the Poolbeg Chimneys framed between the bits of old wood and steel…

Metal and wood... random Dublin views

PS – Friday again… do enjoy your day and weekend… most of all, remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Happy New Arrival!!

There’s a great reason why I’m using this photo today. The two little fellows in the picture have featured on occasion here on the blog. Their good lady granny has also featured. So, that’s what you’d expect on my personal blog, is it not? Yes, it is but as of last night the lads have a little sister! GLW has a new namesake… well, almost! New GDx will be blessed with a second name that’s a combination of both her granny’s names!

On the beach... granny and lads... soon their sister will join in the fun!

God bless the new little lady and all the happy folk, parents, siblings… uncles, aunts… cousins and of course, great granddad and grandparents!!

PS – GDx? Yep, the little lady’s first name is still under debate so I’ll be referring to her good self as granddaughter x until all is resolved!

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Something Summery…

I was flicking through the albums… looking for something to keep the bright ideas posts going. Yes, something to remind us of the bright, warm days that visited not too long ago. How about something simple? Like a few starlings flying by.

Starlings on the wing... against a blue summer (almost) sky...

I’m wondering, are the lot in the front trying to get away from the straggler or is he just playing catch-up?

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Gone Fishing?

When the sea is blue and the sky is blue what better excuse do you need?

Fishing off the Great South Wall at the Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin, Ireland

Enjoy your fishing, even if it’s just figurative…

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Bright Sunrise!

You get those mornings when the sun and clouds give you a show you can’t imagine. No human could conjure up such magic… no artificial light can compare… so, to start a new week I’ll brighten your mood… twice.

Dublin Bay beauty... autumn sunrise...

I have a feeling this is going to be a good week. A few indicators late last week on the job front… so, let’s hope it ends brighter than it began!

Bird on the wing... Dublin Bay special...

Here’s to a new week… have fun, be good!

PS – Click on the photos to enlarge… the lower photo sees the bird with something in its mouth…

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Silent Sunday – Umbrella Delight!

Last Sunday... drenched day... no photo shopping or crookery...

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Achievement – WPhotoC

Strange… these weekly challenges. Or, could that be, strange how I interpret these weekly challenges? Michelle tells of the achievement of the folk who finish marathons… more precisely, this year’s New York event and the folk who this year did it in storm conditions. Well, I’d most likely be worn out driving a marathon so never will I be presumptuous enough to suggest I have what it takes to complete something so special, yet… we all achieve something special once in a while.

I’ve been trying hard to educate myself in the art of night photography. I’ve had the odd longish exposure with the ISS zooming through. But I’ve wanted to to see if I could get a star trail photo worth showing, so… last evening while we were subjected to a power outage I thought what a better excuse could one have? Out I went… back I came many minutes later and now I think I achieved something that I can show off…

A few minutes of clear Irish sky... enough for a bit of fun!

Mind you, I was so happy with the results that I thought I’d go achieve better results… only to be rained on as I walked out the door!

PS – look closely, two plane trails going through at low level…

PSS – The mucky white bits were the advanced clouds giving notice of the wet to come… again!

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Signs… and Wonders?

A few of the family have seen this pic… most of their reactions are the same so let’s see if we’re all balmy or if you agree? What’s it look like to you? Yes, I know… a bird on a sign…

Reading the signs makes me wonder?? ;-)

AaaaaaHH!! Friday again… do enjoy your day and the coming weekend but please, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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The Aftermath…

Bright splodges of colour on a very grey, wet, rainy day. It reminds me, holloween night it pelted down as well so I wonder how this little outdoor event fared in that exposed location. I also wondered if there was much dancing and merriment around the brightly lit jack-o’-lanterns?

The aftermath of holloween as seen near the Poolbeg Lighthouse and the Great South Wall in Dublin...

If you’re wondering, that’s the Poolbeg Lighthouse at the end of the Great South Wall, Dublin, Ireland…

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