Autumn! Ailsa’s WTT

I was going to leave you with just one photo for this week’s challenge as it’s the spooky season. However, how could I skip showing you this tree in all its autumn glory?

Autumn tree... happy in all its glory!!

OK… onto the pic I was going to show you… spooky autumn… all around the leaves are falling… only, this one took on a life of its own, wouldn’t you say?

Falling... falling... spooky? maybe, just coincidence! ;-)

There you have it… a simple autumn! Have fun, don’t let the spooks catch up with you this weekend and whatever you do, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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The Pumpkin!

So, they tell me today is the big day… all the spooks, ghouls and ghosts will be hiding away this evening for fear of the fireworks and little children roaming free… causing havoc as far as they go. Yes, the sub-naturals are terrified of the little children! Imagine a pack of squealing kids chasing after the nether’s… the noise alone is enough to wake the dead… not that they’d want to surface while the little ones are about!

The pumpkin... and the pumpkin minder!!

No Children or pumpkins were harmed during the making of the post… well, the pumpkin may disagree! Have fun, be good and don’t do what I wouldn’t…

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Place of the Lost Souls??

‘Tis the silly season again… spooks roam free, banshees and ghouls meander about in the undergrowth… looking for unsuspecting fools who wonder around without their garlic tipped stakes… aaaah, all in the name of good clean fun, or commercialism?

The spooks in the grounds of the Glenart Castle, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Oh well, the kids seem to get a kick out of the revived pagan rituals… who am I to ask about the validity of the celebrations… more so, who am I to rob them of their fun?

If you’re wondering where the haunted castle is to be found, just outside of Arklow, Co Wicklow. The folk at Glenart Castle do fun things… do click here to visit their website…

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The Rose…

Bette Midler sang the song, she turned a few dozen words into a masterpiece. Composed by Amanda McBroom, supposedly in about forty-five minutes, it became a smash hit in many countries.

However, the idea for this post was sparked by a Lemonshots post named Rose Monochrome. I enjoy how she’s manipulated the textures and removed colour to create the image. That had me attempting something along the same lines with an image of a rose featured last week.

The rose... manipulated by me...

All the while I heard Bette singing the stunning song… in my head that was. So, I’ll leave you with the words of the last verse… only one way to describe the mental images of the song in full flow… POWERFUL!!

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the rose.

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Quite a few fellow bloggers are showing the aftereffects of a warm summer… the captured carotin’s are exhibiting their true selves… all good clean fun!

Falling... that time of the year...


The clocks have taken a step back…
the grey, steely clouds ride low
on the Atlantic storm winds…
the autumn has us in its full grip.
Out I went on Sunday,
looking for the colour of the falling leaves.
 I enjoyed standing beneath big old limby oaks… 
watching as the gusts tugged at the leaves… 
Hoping all the time to capture,
a free-falling display of copper tinged leaves… 
alas, I was only blessed with the occasional fall… 
yet it’s there to see… falling, falling free
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More Numbers

Today is lazy Bank Holiday in Ireland so I’ll be a little lazy as well. Ailsa’s numbers theme got me thinking about structures… of course there will have to be my most favourite of twins… but I needed a single to begin with. The red Poolbeg Lighthouse is often featured in photos but the green marker is not that fortunate so why don’t I begin this sequence with the green fella… green is only a fitting start here on the emerald island…

The green marker at the enterance of the Liffey Channel into Dublin Port... not often featured but hey, why not give it a shot?  Note the plane's tail fin colour matching!

OK… now for the twins… in all their glory…

My favourite twins!! The Poolbeg Chimneys, as seen from North Bull Island, Dublin, Ireland

Three’s… they’re not too easy to find if you’re looking for uprights so I’ll use the imagination a bit. Three bridges, one road, one pedestrian and one rail as seen in Drogheda. We were crossing the road bridge when the urge took me… get a photo

Three bridges in Drogheda...

Four columns at the front of the Custom House building. The building looks a lot younger than its actual age, having been opened in 1791.

The front door of the Custom House, flanked by the 2 sets of two columns...

I’m twisting the imagination just a tad to bring you a five. Five barges rafted in the Grand Canal Dock… not seen too often so I’m sure you’ll allow me the liberty…

Five barges rafted in the Grand Canal Dock... Dublin, Ireland

Six is easy, my favourite twins dwarfing the 4 short power station stacks…

The Poolbeg Twins dwarf the 4 other stacks... Dublin, Ireland

Seven… for so many the lucky number. I hunted through the galleries because I know there are seven wind turbines off the Wicklow coast. I cropped the photo as far as I could without cutting the two lads and Pepsi their dog away. Believe me, there are seven turbines on the horizon, enlarge and you’ll see them in all their glory

Arklow beach... summer sun! Look in the distance, you'll see the 7 wind turbines...

And now onto eight… where could I find something to represent eight? Fortunately I spotted a sunny pic of the Portobello College dome… conveniently propped up by eight pillars… phew, my luck is holding!

The dome on the Portobello Collage is held aloft by eight pillars...

Now for nine… OK, this is a bit of a cheat but because I like the photo you’re getting it. The ninth bridge along the Liffey, from the sea’s side. The Ha’Penny bridge, long a firm photo favourite…

The Ha'Penny Bridge at night... a Dublin favourite...

Humour me for number ten! I’m cheating again… well, sort of but to be honest, there are 10 destination markers attached so maybe I’m not cheating at all. Fancy visiting all those spots? I do!

Count them... I see ten... the Dodder Buoy at the sea side of the Liffey... almost in the port..

I was going to stop at ten but Les Zep’s Stairway to Heaven was playing when I passed by this photo… eleven steps I count… now I’ll go!!

Eleven steps along the Howth Cliff walk... not quite all the way to heaven...

I have to confess… this post ran away with me… I was supposed to work on a short story that’s taken on a life of its own, as they do. I feel a tad guilty but it’s fast approaching novella status so I thought a break would be as good as a holiday… on a bank holiday!

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Silent Sunday – Donaghmore Round Tower

Donaghmore Round Tower, for a bit more info click on the link...

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Numbers – Ailsa’s WTT

Numbers… so compelling, so defining… so incriminating! Yep, just think… in this past week the fellow in SA got five years… for shooting four shots. Numbers. But I hear you protest, these numbers have relevance… lives were affected. Yes… and I don’t want to make light of the case but I do want to point out just how important little numbers can become in our everyday lives.

Numbers have bearing and impact. I often joke that the cent you short to buy the €2.49 item in the shop is almost as relevant as the 248 others you have. Yes, if you only have €2.48 then the shop owner may refuse the sale… no handout’s here. OK… I’m getting way off the beaten track here. Or, am I? We see numbers everywhere… often we don’t even pay them any heed. We walk by, yet the numbers that rule our lives are there… and guess what? They’ll likely be there long after we’ve taken our departure, stage left. Mind you, I’m only stating the obvious so why don’t I show you a few photos? Look closely at the numbers painted on the blue arch… yes, once people were around when those numbers were new…

The numbers don't quite stack up... the Rory O'More Bridge crossing Dublin's Liffey near Heuston station... it was opened at the V&A Bridge and even known as the Queen Victoria Bridge in it's day... then another set of numbers came about...

The bridge carries the date 1858, when woodworking techniques were still being applied in metal engineering. Not a bad idea considering the bridge still does what those folk designed it for. Mind you, I think you’ll have to agree… it does more than they ever envisaged. Now look up… see the capstone or whatever it’s called. The thing in the center of the arch… it bears a plaque… with more numbers. This is where confusion sets in. The numbers don’t seem to bear any relevance to the structure…

Other numbers? Messing with ideas these numbers...

Yep, often the numbers don’t add up and often we wish our lot was different. Somehow, even if we could add an extra minute to our lives or change a digit somewhere along the way we’ll long be gone but the numbers will still win!

Numbers. Seemingly insignificant to some but full of meaning to others. The simple plaque celebrates the centenary of the Emancipation in Ireland… truly an important even for so many, yet… if you didn’t delve a little you’d never realise there’s meaning to the numbers!

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Happy Frrrriiidaayyyy!!!

Yesterday I prattled on about the thrills of office games. That got me thinking… today is Friday… Frrrrrriiidaaaayyy!! Whooppee – hay – hay!! Friday!! Not just any old Friday… a bank holiday Friday! The Friday before the long weekend begins always seems more special, don’t you think?

So… that means I’ll have 2 four-day work weeks in a row. Guess what? I didn’t plan either but as I can’t do anything about them happening I’ll simply close my eyes and say thanks! Thanks for the idea of blissful peace. Thanks for three whole days without the office politics games… thanks! Oh well, we may even have to play a few other games but I promise, they’ll be rather more enjoyable!

Getting into the swing of things? Why not? Better than playing the office political games!!

Enjoy, whatever you get yourself up to! Keep on smiling and remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PS – You know, the misty scene reminds me of the incompetents at work… playing their silly games totally oblivious that they’re stumbling about in the semi-dark, clammy mists of their own unrealities… play on… you’ve lost already!

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Thundering Thursday?

Well, if I’m going by Wednesday’s fun at work then today could be another charmer. Seems when some have to take off a day for the odd unplanned activities life throws at one from time to time that others feel cheated or deprived of something. Seems they then feel it necessary to take their confoundment out on the errant perpetrators of the misendeavours.

Stupid little office dynamics develop… little games that people play because they think they are more important than others. So, for my part I’ll just keep playing the game… no, not their games, the good game. What’s that, you may ask?  A bit like fishing, me thinks… cast in the bait… wait a while and retrieve… repeat the exercise because as sure as the sun rises in the east every morning you will entice the fish. Sooner or later they will swallow the whole lot… and be caught with their bloomers blowing in the breeze!

Cast that bait! Far and wide... soon you'll have your rewards!

Office politics… oh how I hate playing their silly games!! Some would say if they get off their posteriors a little more often and add value they may have less time to play their silly games! Oh drat, wouldn’t I rather be fishing? You bet!

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