Happy Frrrriiidaayyyy!!!

Yesterday I prattled on about the thrills of office games. That got me thinking… today is Friday… Frrrrrriiidaaaayyy!! Whooppee – hay – hay!! Friday!! Not just any old Friday… a bank holiday Friday! The Friday before the long weekend begins always seems more special, don’t you think?

So… that means I’ll have 2 four-day work weeks in a row. Guess what? I didn’t plan either but as I can’t do anything about them happening I’ll simply close my eyes and say thanks! Thanks for the idea of blissful peace. Thanks for three whole days without the office politics games… thanks! Oh well, we may even have to play a few other games but I promise, they’ll be rather more enjoyable!

Getting into the swing of things? Why not? Better than playing the office political games!!

Enjoy, whatever you get yourself up to! Keep on smiling and remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PS – You know, the misty scene reminds me of the incompetents at work… playing their silly games totally oblivious that they’re stumbling about in the semi-dark, clammy mists of their own unrealities… play on… you’ve lost already!

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Thundering Thursday?

Well, if I’m going by Wednesday’s fun at work then today could be another charmer. Seems when some have to take off a day for the odd unplanned activities life throws at one from time to time that others feel cheated or deprived of something. Seems they then feel it necessary to take their confoundment out on the errant perpetrators of the misendeavours.

Stupid little office dynamics develop… little games that people play because they think they are more important than others. So, for my part I’ll just keep playing the game… no, not their games, the good game. What’s that, you may ask?  A bit like fishing, me thinks… cast in the bait… wait a while and retrieve… repeat the exercise because as sure as the sun rises in the east every morning you will entice the fish. Sooner or later they will swallow the whole lot… and be caught with their bloomers blowing in the breeze!

Cast that bait! Far and wide... soon you'll have your rewards!

Office politics… oh how I hate playing their silly games!! Some would say if they get off their posteriors a little more often and add value they may have less time to play their silly games! Oh drat, wouldn’t I rather be fishing? You bet!

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Modern Life?

Yesterday morning we woke up as usual, at 06h15. My first action, after getting out of bed, would be to switch on the on suite light. No joy. I looked around quickly. The telltale signs were there. NO power, utter darkness. So I fumble my way out of the room, down the passage, through the living room and the kitchen, to the fuse board. I felt for the trip switch, all is well. I felt again, for good measure I flipped each switch. No joy.

To cut a very long story very short… the good lady rings the network service, no… they have no reported fault in the area. Yes, they’ll send someone out… for a call out fee of  €135 if it’s not a line fault. Well… after ringing the the electrician and the supplier again I take a saunter to go and open the electric gate. Lo and behold… there are 2 vans parked at the gate. Yes, the linesmen inform me, there’s a massive line fault! So, at about 11h20 we eventually find out there is a fault, as we suspected all along.

You may ask how we could’ve suspected a line fault? Easy, the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo was lashing across the little green island, that’s why. Yep, it’s not the first time we’ve been subject to power failures during storms. The best part of modern life is that when the power is out we are totally screwed! We can do nothing! No shower, no water from the taps once the pressure has gone… no hot coffee, no internet. No land line… and not many hours later the mobile phone batteries give out. No nothing! No shower means no going to work… which in turn means lost pay for the day. I wonder if Hurricane Gonzalo or the network maintainer will refund me?

Modern life! Granddad and Junior Son get a fire going. The GLW puts a pot of bottled water onto the fire… yep, fortunately we have bottled water in the house. Soon the water boils and we have coffee… aaaah, life’s almost back to normal. In the meantime I take to the camera and having myself some fun. That’s what you see today… a sad, lonely rose posing for a few pictures. The GLW suggests I try some of the fancy effects settings so I dutifully oblige… and voilà… we have a modern-day photo of an ancient theme!

Colour effects, the rose as seen on 21 Oct 2014...

If you were wondering, the power was restored at 16h18… some service! Some first world environment we live in, this modern life of ours!

PS – I’m still wondering about claiming for lost pay…

PSS – If you’re wondering about the fire, in the fireplace!

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Tired Tuesday?

Oh well, Monday is now a thing of the past… if you’ve still not recovered from the stresses and strains of the weekend then today is just for you. Tired Tuesday!

Trim Castle in the summer sun... Co Meath, Ireland

OK… there’s only one catch to having a tired day… any day, you just have to keep on smiling. I’ll show you a pretty picture and I bet you’ll feel better eventually but I’m of the opinion that the more you smile the quicker that will be! Think, soon it will be midweek… soon you’ll be counting down the hours to the weekend… again!

PS – If you’re wondering, that’s Trim Castle as seen from the bridge over the River Boyne…

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Monday Blues?

Oh well, another one’s just gone by… another one that was far too short but as they say in the classics…

That’s life!!!

What did you do? What didn’t you do that you should have? Or, worse still, what did you do that you shouldn’t have? Me, nothing that I can tell you about because then I may just be incriminating myself!

Fisherman's blues? Watching the ferry setting sail for somewhere across the Irish Sea...

So… if you have a bit of Monday blues count yourself lucky… you could have Monday blues and the fisherman’s blues!! Enjoy your day… soon it will be Tuesday and you’ll regret that you didn’t smile more on Monday! That’s if you’re not smiling now! Come on… spite yourself and smile, it won’t hurt!

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Silent Sunday!

Church bell... the old chapel at Carton Demesne, Co Kildare, Ireland

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Broken… Ailsa’s WTT

I couldn’t quite make up my mind what to show you this week… Ailsa’s treatment of “broken” is rather eclectic so I’ll be a little off beat as well. The ruins of the lock keeper’s cottage at the long broken lock along the Boyne Navigation north of Navan testifies of broken dreams.

Lock keepers cottage and broken lock along the Boyne Navigation north of Navan, Co Meath, Ireland

Yep, in days gone by many folk dreamed of the advantages of travel from the sea all the way inland as far as Navan… now there’s mostly only ruins to be seen along the way. Reminders of days gone by… way markers from a different era

Are we there yet? Mile marker along the Boyne

Even reminders of past glory days… when castles and kings abounded.  If you look closely along the tree line to the right of the marker you’ll see a rectangular shape…

The remains of Dunmoe Castle, overlooking the Boyne north of Navan

Dunmoe Castle… now only a few broken walls remain. Sad but true, man-made dreams don’t last, sooner or later they’re broken!

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Friday Fun…

In keeping with all the rewards orientated posts of the week I’ll throw in a few more of the rewards I got for going out in the cold damp mist…

Is that a figuere I see or just my imagination??

The hazy mist really gets the imagination working in this one…

Sunny cobwebs?

Oh well, Friday again… have fun and don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Rewards… of a Different Kind

During the last few evenings I’ve been outside looking to see if I could capture the International Space Station as it zooms high overhead. It is said to be the 3rd brightest object in the night skies so it’s not difficult to see. However, it only passes infrequently because of it’s planned orbit around the earth so there are only so many chances to see it go by. Here in Ireland the chances are even more limited because the sky is often cloud covered. But, perseverance pays off…

October 14, 2014, ISS passing overhead at 20h08. as seen from Kilcock, North Kildare

I was outside a few minutes before the arrival in the south-west and was playing with the camera settings when the plane came by at low level, heading for Dublin International. I took the pic for the fun of it and only when I cropped it to get the light streak across the whole photo did I realise the ISS was already in shot. Enlarge the photo… you’ll see it’s trajectory crossing the planes path at about right angles…

The ISS fading into the earth's shadow... 14 October 2014 at 2010, Kilcock, Co Kildare, Ireland

My third 30 second exposure of the evening captures the ISS fading into the earth’s shadow… high overhead. So, if you’re outside and see a very bright light travelling along at speed and just disappearing high in the night sky, it’s most likely the ISS going into the shade for a rest!

If you’d like to know when the ISS passes over your spot on the globe then click here… NASA shares all the information you need. The second paragraph gives the link for you to select your location… have fun!!

PS – in the second pic the ISS is going from top right to bottom left… then fading…

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More Rewards…

As I mentioned yesterday… there are quite a few good photos to show you from Sunday’s mist outing so here goes with a few more…

Lost your keys??The Maynooth to Carton walk… sub-title; Cobwebs and Keys

Grassy misty mystry...

Misty mystery… fun on the fairways? Indeed… imagine looking for your golf ball in that!

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