Kilcock… Centre of the Universe…

I have been trying to get an uninterrupted view of Mick’s shop for a few days now… but every time I go by the place is obscured by parked cars… so how fortunate was I when picking senior son up after his haircut…  not only did I get a shot of the spot… Mick himself gladly posed as well… demanding royalties for his hard work.

Notice his latest mode of transport… there is often something of interest parked in or outside. Inside? Yep… the latest skateboard, roller blades… pogo-stick…  you name it… if it’s ‘green’ he’ll give it a go! We’ve discussed the merits of electric cars… we both want one… only thing… we cannot afford getting them… not on our meager incomes.

Mick has been known to partake in many modes of transport… motorbikes… usually flashy and fast, some will say it’s his nature to the tee, but he also enjoys canoe polo, an activity often undertaken in Kilcock’s harbour. He has lived for a time on the canal in a narrow boat… he has done the odd helicopter flying lesson…

There are those that say… if it moves he’ll ride it!

There’s always a bit of good-natured banter going… I’ve heard him say something along the lines of the chair being just like a confessional… I’m sure many a saucy tale has been shared in there… only to be overheard by the latest pet in the shop. There has been a tame duck, the proverbial parrot… and often his puppy named Poppy…  

Mick is a man on the move… even if it’s only to be fighting off the competition… I mean,  them lot in New York and Paris have seen nothing yet! 

Looking at me? I'm your man!!

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