Of Churches & Novels…

Sunday… stick with my own rules… churches it must be! I’ve been wanting to feature today’s church for a while… only thing, since our move we haven’t set-up the home pc, until this week, that is.

I have half a million or so photo’s… 😉 … I am convinced I have better pictures of this church… but search as hard as I can I only find this one!

So, what relevance does this have… why this nondescript place in the middle of rather unattractive buildings?

St Patrick's Church, Ringsend... the making of a novel?

This is St Patrick’s Church in Ringsend… it plays a bit part in AJs novel… this is where the main character finds his first tangible links to his Irish past… I say no more… I’ll go down there and get better pictures… I promise!

On to things more temporal 😉 … I’ve been having great fun, in the sunshine, during the weekend… I’m planning one big slideshow… for either tomorrow or Tuesday… till then, enjoy the break! 😛

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