Royal Canal… Thomastown to Furey’s

The feet have recover a little now… Junior Son is still hiding from me… he says he won’t ever go walking with me… says I always go further than planned! He has a point… sometimes I do!

As I mentioned in last week’s post after the walk… we saw many a good thing and quite a few interesting folk… in slide 4 you see the fisherman and his car… they seemed to be following us… we eventually said goodbye at the Ballasport Bridge (slide 22)… some distance away… at least they were moving by car… I’m sure junior son would have much rather traveled with them!

We kept going… passing differing landscapes until we eventually rounded the corner and caught sight of the aqueduct… well, Junior Son had sped off… leading the way! He planned to have a swim… after all, why was his pappy carrying all his dry clothes and towel? He may as well!

I used the burden as a bargaining chip… seeing as I had to do all the lugging we can continue the last 3 or so kilometers to Furey’s… the lad consented… much against his wishes! I felt really guilty when the lad showed signs of stress a while further! We rested for quite a while before giving the last stretch all our efforts!

The thought of ice-cold drinks and a long sit down spurred us on! The last while went quite quickly… the fatigue forgotten as we walked and chatted with the young lady walking her collie…

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There we were… sitting… waiting for the good lady to collect us. Me, sipping an ice-cold drink… junior son chewing on roasted nuts…

I think we were both rather chuffed with our little walk! I found this jaunt a little more difficult than the previous one… that’s what happens when you try and match the experience of something spontaneous with another attempt of regaining that feeling of achievement!

Mostly though… I am proud of junior son… it’s definitely the furthest he has ever cycled/walked in one go! The lad is not as blessed as the rest of us… he suffers with his ligaments and joints… been that way since birth… he tires easily… yet… he kept going even though he was paining!

I mention earlier that I felt rather guilty at one stage… more like worried sh*tless it should be! Did I go just one step to far? I thought so… then the lad surprised me, again! He got his second, or third, or fourth wind and finally lashed off toward the end of our walk… even if it was just a hundred meters or so… he lashed it!

As I mentioned in the previous post about us doing the whole section between the locks in the holidays… we did it!

Your pappy is proud of you! Immensely proud!!  

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