Nesting Starling…

We have a starling family nesting under the eves of the front door porch. I’ve been trying to get pictures of the parents returning with mouths full of food… mostly worms and caterpillars…

The birds aren’t accustomed to our movements yet so they stay well clear when we’re out the front. Lately, I’ve taken to parking a little further from the front door… seems the birds are using the car’s windscreen as their target of choice when exiting the nest.

Starling... doing what all good parents do... take out the litter 😉

Our local flock is quite a boisterous bunch… squawking loudly when we’re too close… for their comfort. One of their other tricks… they use  a rain water gutter as their bath… splashing all those in close proximity… the gas BBQ is positioned close to their swimming pool of choice… yep, you guessed! I’ve had the odd unexpected shower! 😉

To an update of another matter… we made it to the hospital on time… its early days yet but the doctor suspects the damage to senior son’s knee is a little more severe than we hoped for! We can only but hope and pray that when we visit again in 10 days time the news is better! Much Better!!

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3 Responses to Nesting Starling…

  1. Witch Twin says:

    Hello there. We have pigeons in our roof at work… what a racket they make!
    Trust you are well.


  2. aj vosse says:

    Yep… as soon as the nest is cleared I’ll plug the hole… the birds caught us by surprise… before we realised it they were feeding chicks…


  3. Firefly says:

    If they were nesting in my roof I will try to get rid of them asap


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