Royal Canal – Lock 17 to Maynooth

The canal documentation bug got the better of me last weekend. Even the rain squalls and changeable weather couldn’t keep me indoors indefinitely. Lock 17, known as Fern’s of Ferrin’s was the starting point for the walk. Slightly to the east of the bridge a feeder allows water into the canal from the Ryewater… a stream which eventually finds its way down to the Liffey.

(Ed Note: I have again used the IWAI maps again to illustrate… they are a great help and once again I urge you to have a look at all the work they do in aid of the Irish Canal Systems)

So, with the fresh westerly breeze at my back helping me along I set off in the direction of Kilcock… and beyond…

Sections of the walk are well-known to me as we have lived in the area for a number of years… my bit of home ‘water’… so to say. The section east of the North Kildare Sports Club is new to me… the home of North Kildare Cricket Club, where senior son played his favorite sport for a number of years. Familiar territory, I’ve often sat fishing with junior son while watching the cricket through the gap in the vegetation. (Slide 17)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The walk passes via Lock 16 at Shaw’s Bridge in Kilcock village, on to Lock 15 (Chambers) then Lock 14 (Jackson’s Bridge) to Maynooth Harbour. Jackson’s Bridge is a five arched affair… one of the arches accommodating the pedestrian path. Just east of this structure the canal crosses the Lyreen river. This river empties into the Ryewater… and thus also into the Liffey…

Not much further on a high boundary wall comes into view. This long wall, on the north side of the canal, hides the grounds of the Collage. Pity… it would be nice to see into… judging from the massive overhanging branches there must be some magnificent trees on the estate…

The Canal enters Maynooth and passes under the newly upgraded Bond Bridge on to the harbour which is a wild bird sanctuary of sorts… the little island in the middle provides hiding and nesting sited for water fowl and waders.

PS: I have placed links to all the Royal Canal slide shows under one roof… that should make it easier to keep track of all the sections. Hopefully we’ll complete the whole canal route in the summer holidays…

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3 Responses to Royal Canal – Lock 17 to Maynooth

  1. Anonymous says:

    Walked this route to and from Maynooth today, your guide was great motivation to get out. Scenery & wildlife really nice.


  2. Hi ‘Ouch’.
    Just love your slide show. Could you possibly slow it down a bit – I can’t read that fast and your pics are so good, I want to be able to look at them in detail. Keep up the good work!!!
    CV 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Collen,

      Thanks for popping around… and your kind words… as for the slide shows, hover your mouse over the picture in the lower center of any photo as they shoot by… a pause button with back and foward arrows should appear… use the controls. Yes, I’ve looked to slow down the slides as one can do with powerpoint etc… not found a setting yet. You’ll find a few more slide shows on the Royal Canal page on the scroll bar just below the top banner… Hope you enjoy the blog 😉

      Ouch … aka AJ … I like the ouch… haha… 🙂


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