Dalkey’s Goats… & smoking news…

I’ve been looking for bits of info about the statue of the two goats  at Dalkey Commons… why goats? Why would I even be bothered with these two inanimate objects…  well… let’s just start with the curiosity factor… goats? Why goats?

My inter-netting led me to a pretty comprehensive and dedicated Dalkey site. I took the liberty of contacting them and they have graciously allowed me to use information from the site… interesting, the gent who answered my query had a big hand in the planning and installation of the info board situated at Coliemore Harbour and pictured on the ‘Faces and Places’ page.

Back to my infatuation with the goats. Consider the choices… 😉 … there may be two or three reasons why goats would select to spend their lives at this particular spot…

The first – are they longing for home… looking out at their ancestral patch across the water on Dalkey Island? 

Option two… is there a reference to Goat’s Castle hidden somewhere? One of the town’s fortifications may well have gone by that name…

Number three… would you not want to spend the rest of your life enjoying a view like this? What better place to park off? Kids playing… no, human kids… not the ‘pun’ kind … 😉 Madam is reclined… happily munching her last taste of sweet foliage while Master Horny surveys some of the best real estate in the northern hemisphere… yep… on the same stretch of sunshine as becomes that do-gooder politician fella from the rock group… 😛 

What a view! Imagine... tomorrow morning when you're stuck in the traffic we still have this view... 😉

Horny is looking out toward Howth in the distance… Madam Milly has the head slightly tilted toward the right… the longing glance is aimed at the Martello tower on the island… shelter from the storm?

Ed’s note: Some of the above assumptions are all based on wild imaginings… continued researching ongoing… maybe the answer will appear shortly… 😉

Now… to matters more pressing… me versus the meat smoking. I’m still at it… the results seem promising… tasters have been enjoyed by a few hardy souls… we’re still alive, I hasten to add!! 😉 I’ve learnt quite a bit… to make it work better I’ll have to build a proper smoker. (As if I didn’t know that from the start!) The Weber has been a good trial tool… it works to a point and only with constant care… every hour or so more sawdust must be added…

I assume for a good cold smoke to take place one needs a bit of distance between the smoke source and the meat… good ventilation to create a decent upflow… etc, etc…

A conversation with a friend offered a possible solution… he has tools and equipment that need a (good) home… would I look after the stuff if I wished? I could make use of the bits… whoopy… welder, grinder… you get the drift! A means to an end… ready-made solution!! 😛 I may have a supply of recycled metal… contacts… whoopy again! 

You never know… something positive may yet happen with my meat smoking attempts… as those fella’s from the A-Team were prone to say…

I love it when a plan comes together…

I’ve placed a photo of the first attempt on the Fun & Food page… to prove I’m really trying!! 😉

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2 Responses to Dalkey’s Goats… & smoking news…

  1. Firefly says:

    If I would have to compile a list of views to enjoy for the rest of my life, a sea view like that would be amongst the chosen few.


    • aj vosse says:

      You bet!! I have one or two more to place before this little series is done… maybe that will explain why the most expensive ‘houses’ in Ireland are found here!


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