Mayhem May aka the Merry Mad Month…

I’ll be most happy when the year sheds itself of this miserable, weather wise, month… we’ve been lashed… blown about, drenched, lashed again… totally torrid! 😉 Did I mention lashed?

I think… if I managed two zimmer trips and a  similar amount of canal walks it would be about the sum total of all my outdoor activities… oh, don’t be forgetting the Dalkey stroll. All these walks had one thing in common… apart from me being involved… the umbrella became the ubiquitous accompaniment… 😛 … not as a walking aid… as very necessary shelter!!

So… when the weather sort of let up a bit yesterday I ventured out with GSK… we would go looking for the ducks… ONG… that translates as ouma, nanny, granny 😉 … supplied a few dry crusts and an even drier burger roll…

Off we went… driving down to the parking spot at the canal. I didn’t want to walk all the way there with the zimmer, it would be difficult lugging all the paraphernalia and then getting it over the gate as well… I suspected the ducks may be down the stretch of canal where they seem to hang out these days… well past the gate!

We were barely 300 meters from the car when the drizzle started… I was well ready for this little interlude. TWO brollies… yep, at one stage we needed them… made a little ‘tent’ and stayed dry!

So… what should I place as the photo to end all the grief we’ve had for the month of Mad May? Well, I couldn’t decide… so I broke the rules, again… and gave you a selection of the photo’s taken during our stroll. (Click on the top left photo to enlarge… then use the scroll buttons below the individual pictures to move between photo’s… or click on any one you wish ;-)… )

I have to add… we walked well past fishing peg 50… oh, by the way… the tree stump in yesterday’s photo is situated between peg 40 and 41… now you locals know. No sign of the ducks. 😦

I managed to convince GSK that turning round was our best bet… him being in no mood for going home without finding the errant birds. After all, he’d been carrying the bread almost all the way! Fortunately a lady and daughter returned on their homeward bound leg… their dog quite the attraction for GSK… he followed enthusiastically… in the correct direction!

We eventually made it back to the car… after two more umbrella stops! Lucky rests… as I believe the lad was starting to tire. A further distraction… he tucked into the dry roll… almost finishing the whole thing. I guesstimate GSK walked about 2 kilometers… not bad for a 3-year-old lad!

Into the car… barely 400 meters further… what should I see… the ducks! Park… get GSK out again… manage to lure the reluctant friends closer… they lap up the bread even though they seem rather skittish… not used to being fed by humans. I’m rather impressed… mother duck has managed to raise 7 of her original 11 ducklings… lets hope they all make it!

Now… a small request… please keep us in mind at about 5 PM Irish time… we have our appointment with the consultant. Please say a quick prayer for senior son… we’ll be getting the verdict on that knee of his. He’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that he may never be allowed to bowl again… it’s been a hard few weeks… we can really do with a break!

We still believe… our hope (and faith) won’t die… miracles do happen! 😉

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4 Responses to Mayhem May aka the Merry Mad Month…

  1. Witch Twin says:

    It’s round about now… you are in my thoughts.


  2. Hallysann says:

    I finally worked out why I wasn’t getting updates as you blog …
    I was subscribed to the walking blog not this one !
    The cloud in no4. picture is great, it looks like you’ve jus let the geni out of the bottle.


    • aj vosse says:

      I really like that one too… as the caption says… fill in your own blank…
      I like your ‘geni’ option… 😉
      Let’s just hope we have some summer now that June is upon us!
      Looks like you’re about as fond of the cold and wet as I am… 😉


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