A bit of Dalkey…

Did you think I’d forgotten about Dalkey? How could you! I’m sure you can do with one or two more photo’s of the place… not that I’m flogging a dead zebra… am I?

The day I visited the area the folk of the RNLI were holding an open day at Bullock Harbour down in Dalkey. The boats were dressed up for the occasion…

Bullock Harbour down in Dalkey town…

Don’t be fooled by the lovely blue sky… just see how the ‘stiff’ the flags are! I was fortunate to capture this view between cloud banks and rain showers… have a look at some of the earlier Dalkey posts… you’ll see the weather go by!

BREAK. BREAK… yep… let’s interrupt this bulletin!

We may be heading for a 5 yellow ball experience… happily, for the bank holiday weekend! Many, many pink folk to be seen shortly! It’s so good… bad, good? I’ve shed the longs… and socks… wearing slops!! Long may it last!!

More good news updates… first 2 offers for books… also went off to see Joe, the canvases will be the main attraction. So… we’re looking at next weekend… get the logistics sorted first. Old story…

If you want to do it… do it right… first time!!

That means planning… and legwork! At least I’m good at that! I hope… 😉 We’re going to become one of the winning stalls at the Kilcock Saturday Market… I’m handing in the  application today…

Keep the good wishes and ideas coming… but mostly… keep the books and vinyl options open as well… I will be making a few calls today to chat about obtaining quantities of books bound for the shredder… maybe we can save some of the better ones! 😉

Enjoy your weekend… long may our summer last!! Please don’t forget my appeal from yesterday… scroll down and look… books, books and more books… and vinyl, the odd sketch or poster? Books… yes… if you were going to bin it… think again! Please! 😉 

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2 Responses to A bit of Dalkey…

  1. Firefly says:

    I’m all excited about the stall thing for your part. I love the pic of the boats with all the flags creating lots of colour.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks FF… I called Oxfam today about getting bulk quantities of books from them (maybe) … the lady I should speak with is to get back to me on Tuesday… I hope they can help!! There are also a few more leads to follow up… only thing… everyone is in long weekend mood over here!! The weather is great!! We almost got to 25 degrees C yesterday!! 5 sunny balls!! 😉 😛 😉 😛 😉


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