Manual Monday…

I had to get out of the house for a walk… Saturday afternoon seemed the best opportunity… the weather lifted sufficiently to only warrant the need for the collapsible umbrella… 😉 I set off on the now familiar trek down the canal… from the estate where we live (eastern edge of Enfield) down to Furey’s.

I used the walk as an opportunity to try and get to grips with the manual setting on the camera… needless to say, many photos have been binned! I think I learned something… only problem… I now need to try and remember what I learned! I’m sort of getting the idea that my photograph skills are very inadequate. I need to get myself jacked up… rapidly!

I see the magic captured by Zane and Sheila… to name but a few. Have a look and you’ll agree wholeheartedly with me… these folk have the equipment… yes, but mostly… they know how to use that equipment! I may dream of owning my own SLR and lenses… it will help little if I don’t have the basic idea of what I’m doing 😉

Back to the walk and picture gathering… thank goodness there were very few folk out walking. In fact… I only passed Mr Brown. Just as well the folk stayed away… they may well have suspected some mental instability had they seen me in some of my poses… proper contortionist… 😛

So… I’m leaving you a few of the results… from fungi to tree stumps… drooling cows to aphids with some other creatures in between. I’ve even included a shot of the HT wires crossing the canal… for effect!

Reflections seem to attract me like a kid to the x-box… maybe it’s the dreams conjured up with these inviting images swirling arround in the dark recessed of my overactive imagination… 😉

On I go… last but not least… her good self and junior son arriving to collect me. After all that… should this post not have been called Manual Saturday? Nah… no alliteration there! 😉 (To view… click on the first photo… then scroll between photos by selecting the back/forward arrows beneath each picture…)

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7 Responses to Manual Monday…

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  2. nice variety of shot aj! thanks for the shout out… however for the record, my equipment is not very good – it is an old Pentax workhorse digital that has issues and I have only two lenses… I am in great need of new equipment…. which hopefully can be this year..the good thing is that the longer I wait till I can afford said equipment the better the cameras are getting for the price. LOL!


  3. Firefly says:

    I have the same dream, but like Gaelyn says its more about the photographer than the equipment. But like I alway say. The equipment does help and I want some.


    • aj vosse says:

      Yep, I always say… one day when I grow up I want ………. (fill in your own space) 😉 In this case it will be a SLR (or 2…) 😛


  4. geogypsy says:

    Your macros and reflection shots are great. Keep on practicing. I’m no expert, but I agree it’s the photographer more than the camera.


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