One Year On…

While preparing yesterdays post, which I wanted to place today, I remembered one of my scribbles from exactly one year ago. The prompt being a birthday in the family on this day. I went looking for the essay and was rather surprised at what was written… especially with reference to the opposition party leader of the day. A vote of no confidence had just taken place…

I include an extract… then I’ll attempt to clarify in a little more detail.


The Day That Was 15 June 2010

A day of no confidence, in who? Brian, Edna, Richard? The whole effing lot? Listen to them on Joe’s show, yesterday the vote made it obvious that Enda was dead, politically that is. Today Joe’s show was a tale of woe. We, the sole traders and self-employed who are now no longer gainfully employed, have lots of time to listen to Joe’s show… today it seemed to encapsulate the mood of the country… why did we work our posteriors off for all these years? To individually give the government more tax per annum that what many of the now mildly disgruntled civil servants earn… what for? So they can still be sitting in their cushy, seemingly protected for life jobs. Yes, someone eventually seems to be listening… the union lot accepted the Croker Agreement… some success! Now, they are sure of their jobs, now we continue our battle for a bit of relief!

Today, we have a birthday in the house. Lucky lad. He will look back on this day in the distant future and think, who were they anyway? We had to scratch between all the other family members to get him a CD and T-shirt… No steak on the BBQ as was the norm not too long ago, no few jars in the local… no nothing!


I’m not going into the details… only to ask… what do I know? About life in general and Irish politics in particular? The Enda in question is now the Taoiseach… the Prime Minister…the Leader of the Country! Yes, one year ago his own party wanted rid of him… all the infighting and squabbling was something to keep an ear on…

Much has happened… the IMF and EU have now got a full grip on the country… so, maybe he will become their instrument for change…

The old political order has gone… we are now living in the really tight times! A strong leadership group is needed… history will be the judge. I will add though… many have warmed to the man… me included. He is, by all accounts, a very hard worker… an equally approachable and affable person that genuinely cares for the people. We are going to need care and compassion… there are many ill’s to redress… the situation of joblessness being the most dire of all!!

Little else has changed in the last year… The civil service and trade unions are a little quieter… maybe they have realised that it’s best to shut-up if you want to hang on to your job! From my perspective however… I believe it is now more difficult than ever to find work… especially for the over 50’s! Oh for one of those cushy jobs! (I think I’m telling porkies… I just want the salary… I’d much rather earn a living from my writing or blog… if only!!) 

Back to birthdays… yes… the same applies as a year ago… anyway, we can only do what we can do! Happy birthday… may you have many better one’s in the future!

So… I don’t have a photo of a cake bedecked with burning candles… or a picture of the CD wrapped in gold paper and adorned with a blue bow… 😉 I have a picture of a boat pointing its sharp end out of the harbour mouth… maybe to take us to happier, sunnier and altogether better waters!! Haha… 😉 … dream on…

Coliemore Harbour… down Dalkey way… Dalkey Island across the water. Bring your own paddle… 😉

You must be thinking to yourself… any excuse for him to slip a Dalkey photo in… yep, you’re right!! I could do much worse… I think. 😉

Enjoy your day… God bless!

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4 Responses to One Year On…

  1. Sian says:

    There are dolphins out Dalkey way these days. Spotted them yet?


  2. Hallysann says:

    Like the photo 🙂


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