Rambler Cruises… Again!

A few of last week’s posts included snippets of information about my boat chasing. The longer I spent along the canal the more I learned. The documentary in the making relates the tale of the Rambler on her journey from Dublin to the Shannon. This trip seems to be a combination of commemoration and celebration.

The commemoration – a reminder of the feats of the Rambler during her long life, she is said to have been constructed in the UK between 1876 and 1878.

The celebration – to highlight the reopening of the Royal Canal for navigation after many years of decline and the subsequent regeneration.

The TV production, in the capable hands of local company, Tile Films who have some great work to show over the past number of years. The production will be a six part HD series called ‘Waterways – The Final Journey’

I’ve managed to get a few photos, spread over three days, of their journey along the canal from Lock 16 in Kilcock through to the crossing of the Boyne Aqueduct and even a few pictures of the film shoot at Furey’s Pub that evening. As mentioned in an earlier post… it takes hard work and long hours to make a series of this nature. When a retake needs to be done the Rambler needs to be man-handled back up the canal… ropes, poles and brute force! Don’t forget perseverance, some good craic and a fair bit of patience… 😉

I met and chatted with JT (from the Heritage Boat Assosiation of Ireland) who has many photo’s posted on the HBA website. Please have a look at the history of the Rambler and the account of the inspiration behind the current trip. I’m not sure of the involvement of the IWAI (who have so kindly allowed me to use links to their maps in all the posts of my canal walks) but they may well be doing work behind the scenes, as are the lads from Waterways Ireland who have been involved with getting the canal as ready as possible for the trip. 

I must confess (again)… I was really taken in by the whole atmosphere of the happenings… the casual banter of all involved… the freedom of sharing information… the downright friendliness and acceptance of my (over) enthusiasm… 😉

They must deal with inquisitive bystanders all the time… yet, there never seemed to be any ill feelings or discomfort shown by anyone. Junior son accompanied me on one of the afternoons and also at Furey’s… I feel they made room for him… making him feel welcome and part of proceedings… even sitting him in a position where he may well get a moment of TV fame… 😉 

Am I being a bit dramatic? Have I become a groupie? No… these are genuine, decent folk having a great time creating something special! I wish them well… although, I must say… I envy them their jobs… well, not all of them. They are fortunate to spend time doing something stimulating and interesting… each day having its own twists and turns… and all of this to celebrate the life of the grand old lady Rambler! 

Click on the first photo to enlarge… then use the scroll arrows below each picture to navigate. Some of the photo’s aren’t the best… the grey skies making for over/under exposed looks… also, I couldn’t rewind… this is impromptu snapping at it’s best! 😛 Enjoyable. (I’m not too fond of computer aided editing… maybe I should catch a wake up… 😉 )

Ed’s note: When you visit the Tile Films and HBA websites some of the names and faces will become more familiar… also, the post continues below the gallery…


Well, well, well… what do I say? I was hesitant to back young Rory… and rightly so… I was not the only one it seems… a poll on PGA tour dot-com revealed that over 30% of more than 10 000 respondents didn’t think he would win… So? Was all our collective doubt ill-founded?

No… nothing wrong with our doubts… or what? How wrong can we get? How stupid? You’ve made total fools of all our presumptions… all out clever analysis… all our negative commentary.

Not only have you proved us all wrong… you’ve blown the whole field away… you have simply astounded us all! Not even in the days of the real greats has there been a showing like this! You’ve rewritten all the record books…

Europe has another champ… Northern Ireland can’t really believe its luck! Nor can we… you sure shut us all up! Good on you! Enjoy your victory… long may your success last!

Go… Rory… GO!! You now have quite a few new fans… me included! I think one of your fellow professionals summed it up when he said something along these lines…

“You can’t even play golf that well on a Playstation!” 

Finally, onto another matter of importance… to the good folk of Leinster… would you please have a look at my plea for books… my application for a stall at the market has been approved. I need to get going ASAP! So… back to the good old request for a bit of assistance from the good folk of Leinster… 😉

PS: The father’s day wine, chocolates and bbq went down well… thanks family. BBQ Van struck again… 😛 … have a look on the ‘fun & food’ page… double daisy… mmm… sunflowers??

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9 Responses to Rambler Cruises… Again!

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  2. geogypsy says:

    That is one Grand old boat and you were kept very busy chasing after it to get all those fantastic shots.


    • aj vosse says:

      She is truly a grand old lady! The more I read the more I appreciate what everyone is trying to accomplish! I was really lucky to stumble onto the story… right place at the right time for a change!! 😛


  3. Fascinating!!! I loved watching the boats on the canals in England – something that’s so foreign to us !!! I left a reply on your comment on my Grootbos, for I which I thank you !


    • aj vosse says:

      I find the canals facinating… I think I’ll gladly own a barge one day… live on the ‘long village’ as I think it’s called 😉
      Your posts on the good old Cape are great! Brings back such good memories… thanks!


  4. Witch Twin says:

    Glad you had a good Fathers Day.
    Very interesting post AJ.
    Congrats on getting the licence to sell books… wanna come get a few from here? Come on, bring an empty suitcase, the spare room is ready!
    Have an awesome week.


    • aj vosse says:

      Imagine just popping over… if life was that easy I won’t be bothered with selling books… 😉
      Maybe I should ask to be a swallow in my next life… haha…
      You have a great week as well… keep us posted on the ‘other’ developments…


  5. Firefly says:

    I was involved in a shoot for an insert on the Afrikaans lifestyle show Pasella and it was a fantastic experience. I know these guys work very hard, but I would love to be involved in that industry.


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