Saturday Markets & Thank You!

Let me start with a hearty thank you to all who visited yesterday’s Rambler post. I have more than a sneaky suspicion that JT (he of the HBA and maybe IWAI) may have plenty to do with spreading the word! I am most grateful to you… it’s my first post to have had such a large viewing!  Rather pleasing to know that my bit of writing and happy snapping has found appeal out there! Thank you sir! May yesterday’s first time visitors return occasionally to read the odd future post…

As junior son has now completed his ‘junior cert’ examinations we can start looking at the odd walk in areas farther afield… new sections to add to the Royal Canal Life page. I would like to spend a bit more time with the Rambler and the crews further along the canal… I’m not too sure when or where… it may all be dependant on the weather… we seem to be having a rolling 5-wet-grey-blob summer… as the current daily blob falls away it is replaced by the next one! I think I noticed one sunny ball slip in… but that disappeared quicker than what it appeared! Error from the BeeB, I presume.

OK… enough whingeing from me… on to one or two other matters. As I mentioned I want to be doing my first Saturday market this weekend. There is an added advantage to getting going this specific weekend… the Kilcock Canal Festival is happening… so… the market will operate on both Saturday and Sunday! Fine opportunity to get known a little better… and to do a bit of networking!

That leads me on to the touchy subject of begging for assistance… again! 😉 I’ll drop in the little section from my original ask for the donation of books, vinyl, DVD’s, CD’s and art prints and posters…. if you’ve thought of tossing any of the items… or they’re stuck up in your attic… please give the request a bit of thought!


I promise a reward for the person that helps the most in the first two weeks!!

I’ll donate a vinyl copy of Bob Dylan’s double Budokan LP to that person… complete with the original poster!! Yes… that’s my pledge!! I’ll take a photo or two shortly as proof that I do posses the prized possession! Just have to find the boxes first…

So… I’m going to place this appeal on every post for the next few weeks… until you all get totally peeved with me! For the not-so-locals… you can help as well! Yes, you can… if you know anyone in the greater Dublin  (Ireland) area… please pass the posts on to them. (Is facebook not supposed to be a good tool for this kind of thing??)


I’ll stop begging now…

An update of book offers to date… SO’C has offered generous assistance… I’ll just have to whip down to Cork… at the double! CV from our favorite SA shop in Kilcock has put me onto a very strong lead… I’ll most probably come away on Wednesday with quite a haul!

Gratitude… networking is alive!! We’ve been scratching around in the house… a few boxes have offered useful material… so, hopefully we’ll be well prepared when the weekend rolls arround… hold thumbs for good weather!

Talking of weather… just to prove it is really summer over here I’ll place a photo of a yellowing wheat field… taken yesterday afternoon 😉 … and to think the longest day is upon us! May we be blessed with lashings of sunshine for the rest of the summer! 😉

Note the abundance of brilliant blue sky 😛

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4 Responses to Saturday Markets & Thank You!

  1. Firefly says:

    Its a pity your Saffa friends and readers are so far otherwise I’m sure you would have had lots by now.


    • aj vosse says:

      Believe it or not… the lady I’m seeing tomorrow… who has promised loads of books… is a Saffer! Things are starting to move… networking… !! 😉


  2. Witch Twin says:

    I forgot about asking people over there! My doff! Seriously, how stupid could I be? Right after this I’m off to do as you requested. Want to send your address via mail?
    I sincerely hope it goes well for you this weekend… could be the start to something new and rewarding for you, financially too! I am quite excited for you.
    What a typical Irish summer’s day the picture demonstrates! 😀 Lovely pic Vossie.
    Hugs to you and yours,


    • aj vosse says:

      See… reminders are good! Think of this as that little yellow stick-it on the fridge 😛 I’m quite happy to collect in the greater Dublin area… otherwise, if anyone can help I’ll pass on my mobile number…. it is actually on my linked-in profile … on the blogroll… Thanks again for all your help! 😉 Yep… I’m looking forward to Saturday… I just want to be as prepared as possible… the engineer in me again … haha… hold thumbs for the weather!! We desperately nee 5 yellow balls again!


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