Positive Power!

Yesterday was one of those days that will most likely be remembered in our household for quite a some time to come!

I had to be at one of the County Council offices at twelve… to meet with someone… let’s just say to enquire about available information for… how do I put it… the struggling? Not only did I come away from the meeting with more than I bargained for… mostly though… the lady that met with me can only be described as a positive asset to this country! Efficient… effective, pleasant… friendly, empathetic… an all round helpful experience!

This after I went with apprehension… dread… and maybe even a bit of fear! What if they say the number is up? After all… I am a non-national. You know when you get that tight feeling in your gut… worry… I think it may be called! (I must qualify… I am legitimately in the EU, married to an EU citizen… Stamp 4 visa… etc… etc…)

I called the good lady better half after walking out of the meeting. I sat in the car for a few minutes… reflecting on all the good there is in this life! Yes… good! The meeting was not the first bit of good news for the day. Earlier junior son had accompanied me to go look at some books potentially on offer… we came away with a car full!! Yes… full… and all free of charge! Books of all descriptions… fact and fiction.. big and small… fat and thin… hard and soft… adult and children’s… you name it… we got it! The car groaned all the way home! 

Best of all… almost every single book is in pristine condition… and there may even be a hint of more to come! 

Then… on the way home from the council offices I pass by the workshop of the car’s favorite minder, FC. I pop in for a bit of advice about the boot lid’s lock mechanism… advice is freely given and an ‘o’ ring supplied to complete the fix. I mention the need for books and get an immediate response… FC will have many to donate… he will even drop them off when his kids have them all sorted.

All the while another fellow is sitting there listening… when I walk out he follows and introduces himself… MC… the brother of the car magician… he tells of more books… don’t hold him to it yet… he must make an enquiry first. With all the books now coming my way I’ll need to build a library!! 😉 Fantastic!

So… where does the power bit come into the discussion? Junior son took a photo while we were driving home on Tuesday afternoon. At first I dismissed the picture… wires! I don’t usually like them. There’s even been a bit of a previous debate about the very topic… feel free to visit (and comment about) that post

Only thing… the more I look at the photo… the more I like it. I don’t care if the picture was taken intentionally or by fluke… it works for me. So, now JS has 2 photos placed on the blog in the same week. Good for him… I do believe he has a good eye and an enthusiasm for happy snapping! 😉 (Could it be time for him to get his own blog going??)

Lines of power… power in the lines… line power… no… power lines 😉

Then… I get home and there’s a request for a fresh CV from one of my LinkedIn contacts… maybe there’s a job in the offing?

So… we have a positive power day… I don’t often do the preaching bit but faith has a place in our lives! Prayer gets answered… yes… it does! 

Stay well… God bless!   

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4 Responses to Positive Power!

  1. Witch Twin says:

    This is such awesome news, I could cry! Instead I’ll do a happy jig! Oh, I am so pleased for you and yours. And you MOST CERTAINLY deserve it!
    *does a victory dance singing “go Vossie, Go Vossie!”*


    • aj vosse says:

      Now… now… calm down to a cup final young lady! I have much to do in preparation… and, we’ve not sold a single book yet! Anyway… happy days are year again! 😉 Be ‘good’ and enjoy your day… Hold thumbs for the weather… the BeeB suggests cloud but no rain…


  2. geogypsy says:

    Wonderful news! Power comes when you call it.


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