100 Days Later…

New leaders and governments celebrate their first 100 days in office… I could never quite understand why… or, why it was called the honeymoon period. In life… you make decisions… you live with them… 100 days… 200 days… 3, 4, 5 hundred days… 

It may be that the outcome of our choices live with us for much longer than the supposedly glorious 100 days… just as the consequences of electing a specific government or leader gets to stir trouble for quite a while after they have been voted out of office…

Aaaaah… I waffle on again! Yesterday’s post was my ton-up mark… when I got off to that very shaky start in the spring the idea of saying something appealed to me… it still does… one difference though… that first post had no followers while being written… now, I hope my scratchings and scribbles are welcomed and read by a few around the world each day… mighty tool this internet thingy! 

Crazy days… all this activity in preparation for our first attendance at the market on Saturday… run here… go there… senior son to physio… another errand or two… prepare…

I need two sets of hands… yes, that’s a good complaint! Having sprouted enough enthusiasm for all the walking, the canal… the oft neglected zimmer… carpentry skills… books… bbq’s, fairs and boats… not forgetting the family either! GSA… JS… SS , the good lady better half… yes, you know the one… she that must always be obeyed… GSK… these are only a few I’ve chatted about in this last while…  

My dilemma… can I keep going without missing a day? Without neglecting the fun and endeavor of that next post? Can I reflect the happenings without life getting totally in the way?

I hope I can… even at the height of summer, distractions and all… let’s just hope to get to 200 days… a wise man once asked me how to eat an elephant… simple, he said…

one bite at a time! 

That’s my story… and I’ll stick with it! 😉

Climbing the wall? Upward and onward! Outside the Meath CC offices in Dunshaughlin

Here’s to hoping you’ll return for another read… here’s to hoping that as much… and better, happens in the next 100 days… yep, honeymoon lasts a lifetime if you make the right choices and God forbid, if you make the wrong choices… there is no honeymoon!

Here’s to hoping we get out of this tight squeeze we’re living through…. that work comes my way… well, paid work. I have enough on my plate… I just don’t earn anything from my endeavors… yet. The idea for starting the blog was in support of my novel… now it has taken on a life of its own… enjoyable! 

Here’s to all the blog buddies and other new friends I’ve met in the last while… thanks for sharing… your views and ideas have led me to investigate new options and helped me get my blog going.

Thank you all!   

That’s my story… and I’ll stick with it! 😛

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4 Responses to 100 Days Later…

  1. geogypsy says:

    I’d just like to see a few more hours added to the day. Then maybe I could everything I want to done. Congrats on the 100th, keep ’em coming. Really like the sculpture. Good luck at the market tomorrow.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for the good luck wishes… I’ve been running around all day doing other things… so, now it’s raining and I must go finish off building my table… outside! Typical! Life!! 😉


  2. Firefly says:

    Congrats on your 100 posts. Before you know it you will be celebrating your 1st blogoversary (1 year). I agree with you when you say a blog takes on a life of its own.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Firefly, yes… I’m looking forward to that… one year later… some challenge! I keep saying I continue with the daily posts for at least one year… then re-asses…


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