Taxi’s and Froggies

The Kilcock Canal Festival had its ups and downs… from a book selling point of view it was almost all downs!! I most certainly didn’t even recoup my costs… but, apart from that and the lack of sleep in preparing and sorting out the logistics… it was enjoyable!

I’m amazed that one small incident can bring back such a flood of memories! Memories of all sorts of happenings and experiences. I’ll start by plagiarizing myself… again. I include a snippet from an earlier post about some of my likes and dislikes

Leonard Cohen, the 3 Bob’s… Dylan, Marley & Seger… Ms Baez… CSN&Y, Clapton, Harrison, Peter G, Ian Anderson… Ozzy… Mr Knoffler, Mike Batt, Harry Chapin, Johnny Clegg… Little Feet… big feet… U2 of old… pre-1985… when the fellow was still a singer! Yep… I can go on… and on…

Confused? So am I… 😉 One of the fella’s who get a mention is Harry Chapin… a singer songwriter of note. I first heard some of his songs in the early 80’s… by which time he had already passed away. Songs like ‘Circle’ have done the run around in my head ever since…

‘All my life’s a circle… sunrise to sunset… ‘ 

Chapin’s only number one was with his song ‘Cats in the Cradle’… aaah, I hear some of you say… yes, he’s the originator!

Part of the donation, mentioned in earlier posts, before my first attempt at being a stall operator was a box full of CD’s… I paid them no heed… only when a lady asked me if a ‘Santana’ CD was dance music did I realise there may be the odd gem hidden amongst the rejects.

And was I right! One of the last CD’s I checked was the Harry Chapin Live LP containing the above mentioned songs and many more great memory stirrers! TAXI will always bring back fond memories… I wanted to be a pilot… that’s why I landed up in the airforce… my love of aircraft and flying almost cost me my life… which ultimately led to my marriage… the tail goes on… for another day… maybe 😉 

So… now, while I drive alone the music is played… loudly! I sing along… I reflect! I wonder about the outcome of some of our deeds… I wonder what happened to the folk who shared some of our earlier dreams with us… I wonder??

On the Sunday of the festival 3 Rolls Royce’s made an appearance in the square… the oldest being a 1912 model… beautiful old ladies… all three of them! The middle one’s hood ornament was different… Mr Froggie happily holding aloft a steering wheel! Made me think of Harry Chapin’s Taxi…

Happy Frog... memories are made of this! 😉

PS – I credit Sheila for alerting me to hood ornaments… have a look at her stunning photo’s…

PPS – The shadowy shape in the background is the 1912 lady…

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12 Responses to Taxi’s and Froggies

  1. tedgriffith says:

    Wonderful image!! I love The Wind in the Willows and Mr. Toad makes a great hood ornament.


    • aj vosse says:

      Aaaah ha… you point me in the right direction! Welcome… hope you enjoy and contribute more in the future!


      • tedgriffith says:

        I shall indeed return. Great blog. Just for fun, we must be close to the same age… I recognized almost all of the names you listed here in the likes and dislikes, and enjoy most of them!! Especailly Mark Knoffler and Ian Anderson.


        • aj vosse says:

          Yep… that lot can all get me going…I’m a late LC convert! I plan to do a post about my best ever show… virtual that is! I’m surprised that a good American lad like yourself has two Brits at the top of his list! Maybe it’s because they’re great?

          I’m developing a ‘nose’ for like minds! I will shortly visit your blog… just trying to finish off tomorrow’s bit… have much to do again these next few days so I need to use this time productively! 😉


          • tedgriffith says:

            I definitely have an eclectic taste in music. Just about the only requirement is that they actually have talent, so many don’t. Another Brit group that is a favorite is (are?) Emmerson, Lake and Palmer.

            And thanks for asking to list me in your blogroll. I would be honored!


            • aj vosse says:

              ELP can do it for me on occasion… I have to be in the mood though… there are so many Brit groups that were great… don’t forget the Floyd… Cream, John Mayall, etc… etc… I think I need update my list! I had also better switch off the light… before *’she that must always be obeyed’* has a hissy 😉


  2. thanks for the shout out AJ. that is a really neat frog ornament – never seen anything like it and you’ve done a wonderful job of capturing it!


    • aj vosse says:

      You’re too kind! Yes… he is a special fella… I must do a bit of research… they may have been common in their day… around the 1920s… 😉


  3. Witch Twin says:

    Sorry the book selling was not as great a success as anticipated.
    And thank you for you r kind words on my blog. I’ll let you know the minute I hear the good news. (Power of positive thinking and all that!)
    Hugs, AJ


  4. Firefly says:

    It sounds like you really didn’t have much luck with the books.


    • aj vosse says:

      No… it was rather disappointing! My stall neighbour was the lady from Buy S-Africa… she predicted that Sunday would even be worse than Saturday… and it was! She only sold her first boerewors roll after 12… and we were set up well before 9:30!!


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