Fitness & Wine…

Today I’ll give you a rest… no boats, books or BBQ’s… whoopy! 😉 I’ve been privileged to meet a few new friends… folk who have known of my blog before meeting me. I’ve wondered about the reaction… when they meet the fellow with the greying beard  and hair that’s far to long! Blame the recession… as Mick the Barber will confirm… I’m about 3 haircuts or, as I call them, harvests in arrears!!

OK… I digress. Senior son has returned to the gym… to build a bit of stamina after the exploratory knee op. We have to be very careful with the exercises he is allowed to do, so when he came home and told me of the new hi-tech machine now at the Fitness Factory in Kilcock, I had to go see… and also meet the owner of the establishment… something I’ve been threatening to do for quite some time now. (Gyms have no real magnetic effect on me… never did a stitch within their close confines! Claustrophobic… too much effort or, others may say… too many distractions… 😛 )

I met the owner, RM. He gave me a rather enthusiastic update on the equipment. It is really effective… more so… it’s use holds specific benefits for rehabilitation of injuries or building improved fitness levels for those who are unfortunate to be left with the life-long results of such injuries.

I’m not going into all the detail… visit the website. RM could be described as the proud father of his new baby! Yep… when you read that he is responsible for bringing the first machine of this kind into Ireland it again makes you realise that ingenuity and dedication abound in the little village of Kilcock! 

Back to fitness though… here’s a bit I found on Silly’s blog, a buddy of a buddy… blogging wise that is… makes you wonder about this whole fitness lark… 😉


1. If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.
2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.
3. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years.
4. A tortoise doesn’t run, does nothing….yet lives for 450 years.


Now now… don’t be so flippant! You need to respect the need for exercise… some will undoubtedly say! You’re correct!

This new equipment was designed to train NASA astronauts during their introduction to the weightlessness program… the impact on limbs can be reduced significantly, thus allowing the removal of harmful stresses on particular joints during training. OK, I’ll leave it to RM to explain… either visit the Fitness Factory if you’re local or have a look at the benefits of the Alter-G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® equipment.

This whole bit leaves me in a bother… I don’t have any pictures of fit people training… or even of the equipment these mad folk would use… so, what do I stick on for today’s photo? How about another Rolls Royce hood ornament? This gracious lady personifies all the elements of style and beauty associated with the well toned muscles of the hard-working fitness fraternity… 😛

The Spirit of Ecstasy... adorning a 1912 model!

Spirit of Ecstasy was used as the official RR ornament for a long time. You can see the embodiment of chic in her lines. Toned ladies always seem to look great… wherever you encounter them! 😉

Before I get myself in to trouble again… let me get back to the Kilcock Fitness Factory… I’ve been reliably informed by RM and senior son that the results of a training session are astounding!

Now… for that € 5 question… will I volunteer for my bad knee (and back) to be subjected to a trial? Wait and see… 😉

Gosh… I’ve waffled on again without even the hint of a mention of wine… I guess I’ll have to do a follow-up post on the matter… to be fair! 😛

PS: – I’ve started a new Web Link Page… to include all sites not blog related! You will find the KFF’s link there as well…

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10 Responses to Fitness & Wine…

  1. geogypsy says:

    No thanks to the gym but I sure do like that hood ornament.


    • aj vosse says:

      I agree with your lack of enthusiasm for the gym but I may have to go try that new bit of equipment… just to say that I do keep up with technology 😉


  2. tedgriffith says:

    I’m back to the daily walks for fitness. We’ve a new puppy in the house and he needs his energy drained on a regular basis. Hope senior son’s recovery is quick!


    • aj vosse says:

      At least you can get out for daily walks… the weather here is not good for that… unless you wear full Arctic protection… 😉 I’m afraid the damage to senior son’s knee seems permanent… see a few of my posts after 18 May… anyway, we keep believing!


  3. Witch Twin says:

    Jim, never did like that name. Oh sorry, you meant Gym… lol

    Good news about it helping Senior Son’s knee.
    Have a lovely weekend, and this one, I WILL have a drop or 7 of liquid sunchine for you.
    Hugs, Vossie.


    • aj vosse says:

      Have a gallon!!

      I could do with some of the stuff myself! I think after tomorrow’s market stall I’m heading to spend Sunday on the boat… junior son will again fulfil the tea boy duties! 😉 I take senior son for the long leg x-rays in an hour…

      You just have a great weekend… don’t worry about the kids… they’ll be fine… so will the next ‘meeting’… 😉


  4. Firefly says:

    Talkinof fitness. The Damselfly just rapped me over the knuckles last night cause I have’nt been to the gym for just over a week. Better make a plan.


  5. Hallysann says:

    Hey, I’m with the tortoise … I’m pacing myself 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      That’s great! 😉 I tried too hard to be the hare I younger days… now I suffer the consequences! sore bits and bobs aplenty! 😛


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