Then it Happened! The First Book Stall…


The weather wasn’t that great… the occasional outbreak of mizzle interspersed with drops… ah well, as they say in the classics… if you’re not in it you can’s win it! The old hands filled me with enthusiasm… it seemed not to be the best day for sales… even though it was the festival. The organizers decided on the spot to keep going past 2 o’clock… good… the more the merrier…

The sum total of all the effort… met interesting folk… gave out the odd business card… the bumblebee on the buglia… that attracted almost more attention than all the books combined!


These words were written at the market… when the enthusiasm was high and the odd book finding a new home. I suppose I had better give you some feedback about last weekend’s stall activities… before I give it a go again today! 😉

At least this weekend the market is only on for one day… from 09:30 today… so, some of you early birds will be reading this while I set up the stall again… let’s hope the lack of other attractions in the village help the folk spend their hard-earned yo-yo’s in the square…

I’m not going to give you any more depressing news about Sunday except to say that my stall neighbour only sold her first boerewors (beef sausage) roll after 12 noon! From them on it was all action… for about 5 minutes!

I’ll put it this way… if we can sell the same amount of book this weekend as on both days of last weekend then I may be breaking even over the 3 days so far! So… please hold thumbs for me… again!

OK… I’ll stop bleating… if everything is taken into consideration we had a good time! The banter, or as they call it here… the craic, was good. Our stall neighbours on both days  were the folk from the SA shop in the village as well as TB the leather man. We chatted… we were lucky to ‘test’ the boerewors rolls for CV… you should know the Saffers by now… if there’s boerie or biltong going we will always volunteer to sample the wares! (Biltong being the Saffer word for beef jerky.)

I met a few folk who showed genuine interest in my writhing endeavours… my novel got a mention… so, maybe if we can keep the book sales ticking over I may well be able to sell copies of my own book sometime in the future… do I dream? No… once the editing process is completed I’ll be putting the novel up on Smashwords… then eventually self publish real touchy, feely books as well… if one has a few loose pennies one can get deals to do 1000 books at a time…

I chatted with other stall holders… great folk, some local business men and ladies… some privateers… all just trying to get a good thing going in the village. Look at the positives… I may even have one or two new blog buddies after all my efforts!

To myself… go sell some books! Go boy… go!! 😛  

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3 Responses to Then it Happened! The First Book Stall…

  1. Firefly says:

    Its only the start. Keep on pushing and it will work. Also keep on searching cause somewhere you will start to pick up stuff more and more people want.


  2. geogypsy says:

    Hope your sales increase today. Yet half the fun of vending is trades made with new friends at the sale.


    • aj vosse says:

      You’re so right! Sales not much good but the chat and banter… the craic, as it’s called here… great fun! Mind you… I almost broke even… 😉 … as they say in the classics… let’s just take the positives! 😛


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