Sporting Moments…

I’m sure when saying we all have the odd favorite sporting moment that we’ll always remember that I’m not too far off the mark. Even the anti-sporting fraternity may remember a moment… or sexy sporting person whom they may think of fondly…

For me… a sport mad Saffer, there have to be some moments… Joel Stransky’s drop goal to win the 1995 Rugby WC… what a moment! What a result! That kick united a nation… even if it was a very brief highlight in the turmoil that is South Africa…

I’ll never forget the great Graham Pollock putting the little red ball out of St Georges park… something he did quite regularly. Nor will I forget the day another Graham almost singlehandedly batted England into he ground! The day Smith performed his feat was the very day senior son captured his first 5-for, as described in an earlier post.

I still recall my first ever wicket… many moons ago! Caught behind off a fairly decent ball… even if I must say so myself. 😉 I remember my first try… I remember my first Bisley shoot…

But then… there are those very special moments! One such moment for senior son and me was Ernie Els winning his first Open title at Muirfield in 2002. The Big Easy did it the difficult way… by making some mistakes on the way home… only to get himself into a 4 way playoff which he eventually managed to win! Rightfully so!

But the moment had another impact as well. Something that made an indelible impression on a young lad. One of the greatest moments of sportsmanship ever seen in any sport! Thomas Levet, just beaten by Ernie, lifting the new champ into the air! Ernie is not a small fellow… it must have been a bit of an adrenalin rush that helped Thomas pull of that special moment.

I will always remember the look on senior son’s face… a look of wonderment… he instantly understood the significance of Levet’s gesture… true sportsmanship displayed by the loser. Fair play and gentlemanly conduct have a place in life.

Thomas became an instant star in our eyes… we watch his golfing endeavours with interest… even from our distant vantage point. With The Open fast approaching again in is gratifying to know that Levet is in top form… he deserves to win a Major. I will route for him and hope that he can carry his form after winning his home event last weekend.

Congratulations to you Sir! Your effervescent character and good-natured approach to life and golf deserve recognition… and to win a Major.

Senior son lets rip... Rathcore Golf Club, Co Meath

I have chosen a photo of senior son at Rathcore as we share another sporting moment that happened while he played a round there. I never played but caddied… for the walk and the fun. We arrived on a Saturday morning to find a competition being held at the course. The kind office staff allowed us to start at the tenth hole… with the understanding that we would stay ahead of the field. Easy… a one ball moves fast, especially if you have some idea of the course layout and a bit of golfing skill.

We were hardly underway when the lad smacked a drive slightly off-line. Not a problem… his ball was laying quite open… if between a few saplings. Senior son chose his trusty 3 metal… simple… he would give the ball a fair smack and still have a chance of getting it on the green in two. Only problem… one of the saplings got in the way… the ball did the almost impossible… returning straight back… at his head!

Even though both our reactions were quick we couldn’t avoid the rapidly approaching ball. The said ball caught the boy a glancing shot on the forehead… just below the hairline. If it had hit any lower we  may well not be laughing about the little incident now. As it was, the lad dropped like the proverbial stone. He never lost consciousness and was up within a few seconds… wanting to continue his round.

Within a few minutes we both knew he was in no state to continue… we did the correct thing and headed for home. The dizziness soon passed, the barely visible mark faded but the lesson was never forgotten. Chip out sideways if you’re ever in that situation again!

Enjoy your day… I hope you’re sitting with a cup of coffee thinking of your favourite sporting moment… do let the rest of us know what they are! 😉

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6 Responses to Sporting Moments…

  1. tedgriffith says:

    Great post! (even if I only understand the part about golf! The other references are from sports I know about but am not familiar with) Glad everyone is ok from the shot! I’ve been hit by errant balls before, but never in the head.


    • aj vosse says:

      I fear we have to educate you lads and lassies from the land of the ‘Stars and Stripes!’ Cricket must be (almost) the best sport on earth! Rugby is not too far behind golf… 😉


  2. Firefly says:

    I wish I had the time to play golf. It looks like a decent type of sport. LOL! I have played probably 5 or 6 times at Kragga Kamma’s 9 hole coarse, but one day I’ll take it up more serious.


  3. Witch Twin says:

    I seriously loved this post. It also evoked quite a few sporting memories, some of which we share.
    Have a truly wonderful day today, Vossie.


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