Sunny Fields… & Fish Fights!

Grandad needed to pop into Connelly Hospital for a few visits in the last two weeks… no alarms… routine clinic checkups. They are very good that way over here… the old folk, sorry… more mature folk, are pretty well looked after, even in these tight times! 

I mentioned, in one of my earliest posts, of my bi-annual trips to the Diabetes Clinic… it used to be a nightmare getting to the place but since the new road layout has been completed it’s turned into a breeze…

Why am I telling you all this… because the staff at that hospital need a mention for their excellent service but also because we’ve been having a rather suspect summer… long gone are the bright ‘5 yellow balls’ forecasts of spring… we’ve been blessed with the odd day of sunshine but in general it’s been ‘5 grey blobs’ for most of the time. Grant it… some days are quite warm… the humidity makes it feel even warmer. 

I prattle on… again. 😉 The whole mission of this post is to infuse some summer sunshine into our lives! We can’t rely on the weather to oblige but with a little help from the farmers we may well get an eye-full of colour. The lads across the pond and sea have got tulip farming down to a fine art…

Our lads here have found a way of spreading brightness… sow oceans of pleasure… then the slightest ray may magnify the yellow glory. I rather like the trickle of water running through the sea of yellow.

Blue sky... yellow sea? Ireland gone wonky? Where's our grey sky and dark sea? 😉

PS – So, you’re wondering… how has he managed to twist Grandad, hospital visits and sunny fields into one yarn? Easy… we drive by this spot en route to Connelly… colour gets the storyteller’s pen a wagging… 😛 

PPS – Hay-fever sufferers beware… apparently this ocean of colour is the equivalent of a shark infested, rat littered tropical horror… 😉 … if you step slightly out of line… or stand downwind, you could be in a spot of bother! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ND ~~ NB ~~ NB ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Talking of things marine… onto a different but critical matter… Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ran a few TV programs about the TOTAL abuse of fish stocks and the unethical, unsustainable methods of fish capture… the EU may be looking at some of the proposals… so,  to help them make the correct decisions Hugh launched his ‘Fish Fight’ some months ago…

If you haven’t signed the petition then please click here to do so!! Every vote counts! Please join the almost 700 000 good folk who have signed up to date!

Simple… click and SIGN!!! Click and SIGN!!!

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2 Responses to Sunny Fields… & Fish Fights!

  1. Witch Twin says:

    Strangely enough, the email before this one, was from Hugh regarding the fish fight. I’m already signed on!
    Lovely photograph.
    Have an awesome day.


    • aj vosse says:

      Ja… that’s why I posted early today… to get more folk on the other side of the world… 😉
      Enjoy your day… have fun in that office of yours… 😛


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