Stats, Stats and More Stats…

Today is milestone day again… 4 months done and still improving. I promised, at the two month mark to do an update… so here’s a little reminder of some of the things I mentioned in that post as well as a look at some of the highs and lows during the last 2 months…

On reflection… I mentioned blog stats a few weeks ago… now I notice a monthly average of almost 1100… not bad for a new endeavour, I think! ;-) Let’s try and double those numbers in the next two months… with your help, of course!!

Finally, thanks to the kind folk that have found the blog of interest… I hope you return often and keep enjoying the odd post or two! I’ll continue working at keeping you informed and entertained… haha… :-P

Stats will always make me sit up and take note… I feel the need to gauge how things are going, so… why not use the tools available. I was quite chuffed with my monthly average of about 1100 hits per month for those first 2 months. I wasn’t sure of how these hits were calculated but for all the WordPress users it’s a simple thing to follow. All daily clicks are recorded… so, when you visit the blog and click on individual photo’s or older posts it counts as a hit.

Why am I telling you this? When I say my best ever day on hit counter exceeded 1100 hits you’ll get what I’m trying to say. That day beat my previous monthly average to date. I was over the moon… and the sun and a few of the closer stars as well! 😉 Imagine… 1100 clicks in one day!  

That was the absolute highpoint of my blogging experience to date… the Rambler Cruises Again post still attracts a fair number of hits. The Royal Canal Life page is almost as successful… the friendly members of the boating fraternity visit there as well.

The way I see it… the RC page may yet turn into a useful source of material, when I eventually complete all the sections of the canal on foot. Would someone consider putting a version into print at some point in the future?

We’ll leave the options for the future open. Now, at this stage, all I can do is thank the good folk who have visited specifically to see that post… some of you returned occasionally to look at my other bits of writing.

The fortuitous meeting with 31B and her skipper MF again inspired some fairly good blogging activity… and, with MF’s help, a renewed rise in hit numbers on the odd occasion. (MF’s posts on the IWAI forum diverted many referrals in this direction.)

I’ll be sad when the winter sets in again… this Royal Canal activity is a total fill-up for me… the walking is more than beneficial, as some of you may recall, I’m a type 2 diabetic and walking sure gets the circulation going… weight-loss and exercise handy helpers when it comes to control of the disease. I’m not saying I won’t be out looking and walking… I just don’t do well in the cold! When it’s cold and wet it’s even worse!! 😦

Back to blogging. My boating and Royal Canal posts have been favourably met by members of both the IWAI and HBA… thanks to you all for the great comments and e-mails… much appreciated! Like so many others I’m looking forward to the TV series of the Rambler’s journey. Pity someone in the business didn’t suggest a lackey job for me… 😉 … I would have loved more involvement!

There were other memorable moments… the Dalkey series was well received… as were the nature posts. I’ll keep at doing things my way… as long as you, the readers return, I have some indication that things are working. That takes me back to the dreaded stats… they are my indicator that you’re still enjoying your visits.

I’ll mention the low point briefly… senior son’s knee op and the shattering news that he will be left with problems for the rest of his life. The lad has come to terms with the effects of the injury, even though the hurt is still evident at times. His positive outlook is a blessing to me!

He will turn adversity into victory… that, I pray, will be part of his success strategy in life!

Finally, thanks to the new blog buddies I’ve met and all the other friends who visit regularly… you make my efforts well worth the energy expended! 😉

The boathouse at Carton… so much blue! Fantastic…

Today’s photo was taken when we visited Carton and GUI in the bright sunshine. It was some beautiful day… a reminder of what this little island has to offer when the weather allows… 

PS: – For the stats followers… if I subtract the hits of the first two months and that special day and divide the result by 2 the monthly average for month 3 and 4 has  more or less doubled that of the first 2 months… this means I’m going to work hard at maintaining the upward trend!! 😉 Long may it last!

PPS: – The Open has claimed some more scalps… another one of my team members has withdrawn, Retief, I could not help but think of the name of this blog when I heard about your withdrawal…

Ouch!! My Back Hurts!! 😉 … so it does!

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6 Responses to Stats, Stats and More Stats…

  1. wow – those are great numbers AJ – congrats!!


  2. I’ve often noticed the name of your blog on my ‘readomatic’ and thought it was a catchy title. However, I’ve never actually looked at it.
    Today, I saw your post title “Stats and More Stats” and couldn’t help but open it. Anything with ‘stats’ is like magnet for me.
    You’re doing really well – I’m envious.


    • aj vosse says:

      Welcome… thanks for visiting! Yes… I’m a stats junky… can’t help myself! As WT says in her comment… the engineer in me has to measure everything… 😉 I’ll have to find out more about ‘readomatic’ and have a look at your site… Hope you return, Enjoy your weekend and blogging! 😛


  3. Witch Twin says:

    Spoken like a true engineer – stats, divided by the number of days, hits directed elsewhere… lol
    Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.


    • aj vosse says:

      You’re sooo right! I can’t help it! Sad… I know… 😉 As for he weekend… guess what? It’s raining… again… ;-( booo hoo… Enjoy your warmer, dryer, brighter winters weekend!


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