Darren… You’re a Star!!

There can’t be many on the planet who aren’t happy to see Darren Clarke at the very top of the tree! There can’t be very many who will forget his absolute joy at being crowned the Champion! I’ve watched many winners of tournament… I’ve seen the tears… the scowls, sometimes relief… other times bewilderment or triumph in their eyes. Some never get back to the top again… the moment too big for the individual!  

Then you get the rare happening… maybe only a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness sheer joy in victory… a realisation of many years of coming close… years of living on the edge of despair being blown away! Years of pain being wiped out by the achievement of this likeable, jovial, tenacious battler!

This fellow who could have buckled under the strain of saying goodbye to his partner, I’m sure at times he wanted to simply let go… I’m sure he wanted to be out of the media glare… longing for peace and quiet. His victory says much for what the support of family and friends can do.

Mostly though… his victory is a tribute to the sheer dedication and endurance of a great sportsman… as one of the commentators put it… a victory for the good guy… I’ll add, by the good guy!!

What makes it even more special is the way in which he won! Difficult conditions… never buckling under the pressure… not only of the weather but of the moment! Darren knew after the second round he was on his way to the greatest victory of his life! He understood the path ahead. No one could beat him… only he could mess with the outcome! And boy… he overcame the most difficult obstacle… self-doubt!

If ever there is an example of dragging yourself through adversity and reaching the top, in sport and in life, then you have set new standards for us to strive for!

Thank you for showing us the way! It was special watching your victory… I will never forget the joy beaming from your face!! May others learn from you… to win with such dignity is a pleasure for all to behold!

Thanks Champ! 

Champagne moment! Sweet Victory!

If you keep believing and nurturing your dream it can happen!

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3 Responses to Darren… You’re a Star!!

  1. Firefly says:

    Oops, sorry. That was my comment.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Darren Clarke is a good friend of South African golf as he plays here every year and often stays to play more than just the top tournaments. I’m glad he won. Lovely sunset in celebration.


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