Monday Macros… and More.

As promised in Saturday’s post… I’ll leave you with a few of the wildlife photo’s from the Abbeyshrule walk. Then… just for good measure I’ll add some additional pictures captured later in the week while walking the section of canal east of Furey’s…

Some of the photo’s are repeats… so you get a dragonfly twice… or two shots of the same mushroom… after-all, it’s about the fun of the picture… I’m sure you you’ll rather have less of my waffle and more photos… so, I’ll oblige for a change. Hopefully you enjoy the product of my little black job’s focus…

And so starts another week… week 38, according to my phone… should I be devilish and suggest it’ about 96 days to Christmas… ha… ha… got you! 😛 Enjoy your week… may you have fun in the sun… or snow… or rain! 😉

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4 Responses to Monday Macros… and More.

  1. Firefly says:

    Mushrooms are probably one of those things that you have a lot more of up there than down here.

    I take it the Irish are still celebrating their victory, but now the Aussies are waiting for us in the quarters.


  2. Gaelyn says:

    All those mushrooms. Wonder if any are edible?


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