Monday Moves

We had a rather good day on Saturday… good enough for a long stroll. I asked the good lady to drop me off at the Boyne Aqueduct. A few hours walk would do the old legs good. I tried to convince the her good self to walk with me… no, she would walk from the car park to the aqueduct and back… then I would be allowed to continue on my lonely way.

I hoped to see boats… things that move. The omens were good. We arrived at the parking and walked up toward the canal. There we found ‘Ribbontail’ moored at Longwood Harbour. Ribbontail? The last time I saw a boat by that name she was most definitely a barge… being employed on the canal as a holiday rental boat… now what have we here? I would’ve thought boat names were rather unique… especially on the same canal. Wrong. Unless of course there is magic in the air… 😉

I was soon off on the walk and within minutes the next boat came cruising sedately along… family and dog enjoying the intermittent sunshine. OK… my luck was in… looks like many folk would be out to enjoy what nature had to offer. As I walked the idea of doing a mobile Monday post with a difference started to take shape… the birds were on the move… the herons again doing what they do best. Take off when they feel humans are too close. They land a little further along… only to keep the exercise going when the walkers get closer again. Could they not head the other way? Maybe they’ll eventually cop on…

There were signs of other boats as well. The WI weed boats were working in the area and tied up for the weekend. Not long after passing the weed boats Furey’s is reached. Apart from the usual boats moored there I spotted Meave. She has also being active along the canal of late. Another holiday boat… allowing folk much enjoyment on the water.

From here it was a case of if it moves take a picture of it… and in some cases if it stays put also take a photo of it. I eventually reached home a few hours later… after a slight mishap. I took a bit of a slip down a slope… seems to have wrenched the shoulder somehow and in the process I put strain on the sternum… strange, I know, but I promise you it’s no fun to sneeze or cough! It hurts ever so slightly. That will teach me for drifting off the straight and narrow. 😉

As it’s Monday again… have fun, enjoy your week and be productive while you’re at it! 😛

Lastly… I’ll be rather slack if I don’t say congrats to the European Solheim Cup ladies. You have done yourselves and Europe proud! You have also done the double… now Ireland can boast hosting both the Solheim and the Ryder Cups… victoriouse, that is for Europe! Long may the sucess last!

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2 Responses to Monday Moves

  1. Gaelyn says:

    You really do need to be careful out there AJ.


    • aj vosse says:

      Aaah… all part of the fun… exchanged the all terrain tyres for soft road ones… that will teach me not to go off-road unprepared! 😉


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