Blackberry and Apple Loaf…

I’ve prattled on about the blackberry collection and the great recipe I’ve been using to make the loaves. It’s been fun and quite a hit with the family. The recipe of choice easily jumped out at me… over 50 reviews giving it a high ratings. So… what was I waiting for? Why not give it a bash? (Click here to see the recipe.)

I’m no baker… junior son is probably better at it than what I could ever be. No matter… I had the good lady wife to guide me through the process. I could read… so, following this step-by-step instruction list should be much like doing a pre-flight on a helicopter. Utilise the project management skills… planning, planning, planning and then a tad of implementation… budget… schedule… quality… all part of the project. 😉

As my first harvesting trip yielded sufficient wild fruit to enable a double-up on quantities things were soon underway. By my reckoning two loaves were better than one. I got mixing, measuring and beating… the eggs, that is. Add this to that… mix the berries in gently. Spoon the mixture into the pans… things were looking up.

The final mix… into the pans… next stop… the oven.

Into  the oven went the wet sloppy dough… wait and see what the result will be. Then I read something about greased paper at the base of the pans… oh drat. An hour later the loaves were skewered… still tacky. OK, do as the recipe says… another 20 minutes in the oven…

To cut a long story short… I followed the instructions religiously… well, almost. So… some time later the pans were overturned… the first warm loaf ready for the test. It crumbled under the knife. Rather delicious… even if I may say so myself. The family agreed… for a change 😉

Out of the oven… ready for consumption? You bet!

The next attempt went a tad better… we managed enough blackberries for a 2.5 multiplication of the ingredients. Lessons from the first round… less sugar… more apple… don’t forget to butter the bottom of the pan. Make the mix slightly drier… then the berries stay in suspension a little better.

This time I left the loaves in the pans until they were completely cool… the cutting went better… the eating much the same as the last batch… gone in 30 seconds… well, not quite. Now we’re all waiting for an improvement in the weather… so I can get out for the next foraging expedition!

The last 4 slices posing moments before they too disappeared… 😉

Autumn harvest... yes, unfortunately it is that time of the year again here in Ireland!

Update – 11 SEP 2016: (Photo posted 08 SEP 2016)

  • We usually triple-up the recipe.
  • I don’t bother with the topping any longer – too much bother!
  • We use less sugar – 150/ 160g per portion
  • Yesterday, I added two large soft plumbs as no one in the house wanted to eat soft plumbs
  • Make the wet portion first, then the dry and add the baking powder just before adding wet to dry
  • We bake the mix in two larger/ deeper pans – don’t ask me their actual sizes!
  • Put in a little extra blackberries!
  • I use any tart apples – Granny Smith, Pink Ladies… firm, easier to grate
  • Do let the loaves rest for an hour or so… then they simply drop out of the pans! Difficult but worth the wait!
  • I reckon one can substitute almost any fruit for the blackberries… I’m going to use the oranges that I use for zest one of these days!!
  • ENJOY!!!!!!!

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13 Responses to Blackberry and Apple Loaf…

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  2. Firefly says:

    Huh? Where did my comment about how GOOD this looks go?


  3. Firefly says:

    I know raisen bread, but blackberry and apple loaf sounds SO MUCH BETTER.


    • aj vosse says:

      Your comment has arrived…
      Thanks, you’ve given me an idea… when the blackberries are gone for the yeaar I may just do raisen loaf! It pays to network… 😉


  4. now I’m hungry…. 🙂 looks like they were very tasty indeed.


  5. Hello from Texas…Loved reading your post and I must say, your cooking adventure looks impressive! Enjoy your day!


  6. tedgriffith says:

    Wonderful! Please, sir, me too! 🙂


  7. Gaelyn says:

    Yum! Nice job. I’m not much of a baker so could you send some my way. 😉


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