Non Weekly Snippets…

Batch 3 of my experiments with the blackberries turned out much as the previous two… gobbled up within a day. This time I added nuts. A small packet of mixed nuts got a hammering in the mortise… the pestle working harder than normal. Firefly… he of the old hometown blog, has given me an idea… when the blackberries are done for the season I’m going to try doing a raisin rendition.. the family want banana loaf… veritable baker they’re trying to turn me into! 😉

Blackberry, apple and nut loaf... scrumptious! ;-0

Last week I featured GSK’s little hands with blackberries and peppers… well, this week it’s more food he’s holding… fish food! Or… bird food? The lad has a passion for worms… ever since we took him along while digging bait… now he’s becoming proficient at finding them. Only thing… he usually collects the worms when I’m in no mood for fishing… 😉

Little hands… little worm hands… boys! 😉

The colours of spring are well in the past… now I’m forever looking for those perfect ‘fall’ leaves… I’m collecting pics to do a full autumn post… for now… enjoy the pink tinge.

A tinge of pink... heading for the fall...

PS – Enjoy your weekend… have fun… go hunt wild fruit for a pie or loaf… or just go buy some! 😉

As for me… hold thumbs please… I’m going to try and get the Royal Canal conquered… hello Shannon… here I come! 😉


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4 Responses to Non Weekly Snippets…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    My grandma had a worm bed and grandpa fished a lot.

    I met man in South Africa at a B&B in Sea View (just west of PE) who raised worms and made “worm tea” to water his strawberries and more. Plus sold the tea in recycled plastic pop bottles.

    Definitely looking like fall there. Here too.


  2. Firefly says:

    My brother is into fishing and has his own “worm farm” in containers in the back yard. He feeds them anything from pineapple to the stuff that is left over after making filter coffee. Not sure what to call it.


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