Here’s a Thought… Interactive Blogging!

My dabble with flour, blackberries, baking powder and eggs got me thinking. Well… I’m telling porkies. Two comments and senior son’s suggestion of flogging the loaves at the farmer’s market really got me thinking. I now have serious doubts of the merits of Saturday markets… after the dismal showing of my attempts at being a bookseller at the Kilcock market. Result? I’m not going to leave myself open to those disappointments again.

I may well have another outlet with potential possibilities to offload a few loaves per week. That’s where the comments come into the picture. Hallysann suggested I make a blackberry jam… Firefly mentioned raisen loaf… the good lady wife went a step further… banana loaf.

Hmmmm... blackberries for the loaves... fantastic... 😉

That started my search for recipes. The home site of the original blackberry mixture offered up a variety of options. The more I looked at the suggestions the more I realised I’m after easier and simpler yet well-tested recipes.

OK… now I have a simple request for you… how about sharing a few of your family jewels with me? How about supplying a few different renditions from around the world? I’ll try making each of the offering… doing a fair assessment and blog report of the results. Fair, I said! I now have a bit of confidence in the performance of the oven so at least I know I can give the baking a better than average go.

That’s it… send on your favourites please… fruit, wild fruit… nuts… whatever you think may travel well. All those delights passed down from generation to generation. Maybe a special recipe or two for those unfortunates like myself… anything for diabetics out there?

Come on… if you give it a go I’ll do likewise… let’s put the interactive into blogging… 😛

The proof is in the pudding... now it's your turn to supply some ideas... if you may, please...

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6 Responses to Here’s a Thought… Interactive Blogging!

  1. Hallysann says:

    Hmmmn, how about a yoghurt cake ? It’s sort of like a moist, slightly flavoured madiera cake.
    It always goes down well in our house. I’ll dig out the recipe for you.


  2. Firefly says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I will have to look for something to pass your way


  3. Gaelyn says:

    Sorry, I don’t bake.


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