The Edge of Leinster…

There I stood… looking back at what was to bee seen from my vantage point. Somehow I was disappointed with my current situation. Not with the overall result of things though. I had imagined over and over of reaching Lock 46 and keep walking on down the little section of the Camlin River until I reached the Shannon.

I was rather disappointed to find this was not the case. The towpath ends abruptly at the lock. The river’s grassy verges look inviting from afar yet are definitely not easily accessible for walking. Drat… another dream shattered…

Yet… there I stood… on the N5 bridge crossing what I thought could only be the Shannon. Foot sore… weary… triumphant. Or is that too strong… let’s make it elated. I have successfully walked the whole breadth of Leinster… OK… not all in one go yet still something of an achievement for me.

I was on the outskirts of the little village of Tarmonbarry when the bus appeared… drat again… my unplanned diversion had robbed time… now I was about 5 minutes too late for the bus stop. I stuck out a desperate arm and voilà… the driver slowed and stopped! WoW… my bus journey home was underway… yes, I’d seen the edge of Leinster… yes, I was chuffed!

The Edge of Leinster... The Shannon? No... the Camlin...

PS – If I was not so desperate to catch the bus I may well have seen the Shannon only minutes later… I think I managed to walk out of Leinster… so, yes… I reached the edge… 😉

PSS – Now I have much material to work through in conclusion of my quest to walk the Royal Canal… be sure to stay tuned… many a post on the way! 😛

PSSS – Thanks for visiting the blog… you can see the links to all my Royal Canal exploits on the Royal Canal Life page… I hope you enjoy the visit as much as what I’ve enjoyed walking the towpath… 😀

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4 Responses to The Edge of Leinster…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Congrats on finishing your walk, and catching the bus.


  2. Firefly says:

    That bus driver will do quite well as a taxi driver in SA as well. Spotting a waving arm and stoipping just anywhere. Hahahahahaha…..


    • aj vosse says:

      Ja… he was kind! If he didn’t stop I would have had to wait about 2 hours for the next one… I wanted to get home so I was rather happy he did stop. Fortunately he was in a 50 Km/h zone… otherwise he may have ridden over me! 😉


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