Of RWC and Other Non Related Bits…

As a South African I am often asked about rugby… I have to confess… I only occasionally watch the sport on telly. Why? I don’t really know… I loved playing the game… so, why am I not an avid supporter? Again, I really don’t know. Someone once told me there is some highfalutin explanation… something about withdrawal or denial… again, you guessed… I really don’t know! 😛

Again, I must confess… I actually watched the sum total of the last half of the final… my team lost by ONE point! ONE point!! So for me the unofficial world champs will be France. They should actually have made fools of that bunch down there again! I would have loved that! Imagine if they had again beaten the mortal enemy… this time at home! I would personally have knighted every player!

Phew… fortunately I don’t have to do that now… can you picture me running around the French countryside finding all those big lads? Not with all the vineyards in the way… and the steaks… and the seafood… drat… that would have been fun! Could have taken me a few years (and a new liver) to complete that task!

Yes, I know… I waffle. So… now that France are officially the best team in the northern hemisphere I will continue to proclaim them the unofficial world champs. As for the myth of that team from there on the other end of the world being full of imports… click here and have a look at this site… some interesting reading. Seems the Samoan team are actually the NZ seconds… even the Saffers have an import from across their home border…

Aaah well, there I thought I was going to jump on the band wagon and say the lot who call themselves world champs are made up of imports… then I find they have only 4 in their squad… drat… I was so looking for a few negatives to latch onto… drat again… 😉

So… now I’ve had my fill of rugby for this year… next world cup I’ll root for the Springboks and the French again… at least that way I have two chances of being on the winning team’s side… again… :-P.

That leads me onto the other bits mentioned in the title. The autumn has arrived fully now… cold, rainy weekend… nothing to do outside… I’m not in the mood to gather nuts in May… I mean blackberries in October, when the dank outside conditions beg for a warm fire and a snug indoors existence. So, what did I do all weekend… simple… I vegetated and worked on blog posts.

Mood enhancer... the colours of life! 😉

So… my lack of anything rugby has resulted in a proper autumn photo… as my mood is heading toward winter hibernation I’ll reflect that in appropriate fashion… with a fall leaf in full splendour… mmmmmm.

On to sporting matters of a different kind… the SA  cricket team whipped the bunch of Ozzies good and solid! And to crown it all… they did it in the old hometown. Proper fun in the sun while I sit and long to see a good bit of cricket again… we don’t even have it on TV… so, had to follow it on cricinfo… more fun! 😉

PS – As it’s Monday again… have a great week. Hope the sun shines for you…

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4 Responses to Of RWC and Other Non Related Bits…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I just don’t pay any attention to any sport. Like the fall colored leaf.


  2. Firefly says:

    If the Boks had to plat the All Blacks yesterday we would have kicked their backsides. To me the French didn’t deserve their spot in the final. They lost twice in the first round and got lucky against the Welsh. But that’s just me.


    • aj vosse says:

      I agree totally… only thing, there was no other team to support after SA went out… Also, in the end it’s not how you get to the final… what’s the old story about winning ugly? 😉 Viva la France!! I’d much rather have them as world champs than that other lot!! 😉


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