The Sun Returns…

See what happens when you challenge the rain by staging a BBQ… the sun returns. Like the old story about never opening an umbrella when the sun shines… well, I did just that to get today’s photo. How else do you take pictures directly into the sun? Find a cloud? Maybe on another day. 🙂

I often take a different road home after collecting the boys at school. Yesterday was no different. Junior son and I went in the direction of a ruined church, only to be confronted with a few sections of flooded road. The rain sure got the better of many folk in and around Dublin. We found somewhere to park… I wanted to capture the field and the road… only problem… we were looking directly into the sun.

Flooded fields...

Use one of the umbrellas as a sunscreen… yep, lets give it a try. It worked to a lesser degree and at the same time reminded me of another umbrella photo on Sheila’s blog. There we stood… twirling umbrellas this way and that… looking the complete fools… trying to get a few photo’s of the flooded countryside… all while the sun was actually gracing us with its presence for the first time in days!

Under a blue sky... umbrella style... 😉

PS – They have predicted some drying out weather for the next few days… just as well, I don’t think the sodden earth would have coped with much more!

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4 Responses to The Sun Returns…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    That was a neat trick. Sure hope you get more of that glorious sun and dry out some.


  2. Firefly says:

    Lets hope you guys get some more sun before winter hits in all its might


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