CWS… & GDM’s 1st Birthday

Today’s post is a bit of a paradox… when I passed by the cemetery a few days ago and saw the rainbow I immediately thought the image would do well as a CWS with a difference. I enjoy the shimmering bow… seemingly rooted in the grounds of the grave yard. As if suggesting the proverbial stairway to heaven…

Blessed bows...

Something along the lines of a bright future ahead… well… I may be losing the plot but that’s the effects rainbows have on me. I’m aware that the bows carry significance in many cultures… mine suggests a promise by the Supreme of that brighter future. The eternal stairway to heaven?

Bright future? Have a look at this little lady. Those eyes should tell you just how bright! GDM is one fun little girl. I see the paradox as a bit of the way life… rainbows and birthdays… life sure is fun!

Special little lady… do have a happy, happy day!

GDM... Happy 1st Birthday you charming little lady!! 🙂

PS: The rainbow photo was taken at Balfeighan Cemetery, on the outskirts of Kilcock. I’ve previously done a post… on a blue sky day…

PSS: I’ve fiddled with the colour… for effect… 😛

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4 Responses to CWS… & GDM’s 1st Birthday

  1. Firefly says:

    Amazing photo. Good thing you spotted it. Happy birthday to GDM


  2. Gaelyn says:

    Spectacular rainbow shot creating that stairway to heaven. But little GDM steals the show.


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