To Richmond Harbour and Beyond!

I’ve been dithering… dathering, doodling… simply messing… for the last few weeks… trying to get this post completed. Why the tardiness? I don’t know… maybe it’s the subconscious mind not wanting to admit that I’ve reached the end… not wanting to consider that it’s over. The challenge completed. So, what now… even if I walk the route again it won’t be the same. Old news? No… not really. It will still be a pleasure to walk along the Royal Canal… but I’m afraid I’ll never be able to claim a first on this route again! Maybe that’s why I don’t want to do the final post.

But then… I have to. What’s the old story about the job’s not done until the paperwork is complete? Well… let’s get the show on the road… do the final post and ‘officially’ claim my victory. Mind you, I think I should get my sorry posterior over to Richmond Harbour… celebrate the victory in style. I’m sure there’ll be a publican down on that stretch of water who’ll allow me into their fine establishment. 🙂

Procrastination at an end. I’ll restart the tale of that final slog to the Shannon where I left off, at Lyneen Bridge, sheltering from the driving rain. When the last drops passed I set off again. The next mental milestone was the Longford Junction… but, I still needed to get past a few other structures before reaching the spur line.

So… as WordPress now have done a job on the gallery formatting, while I’ve been doing my dithering, I’ll progress the tale by means of the photo’s. As they say in the classics… a change is as good as a holiday… 

Click on the first photo… the new carousel format makes going through the route easy… enjoy!

PS – Now I’m at a bit of a loss, call it a cross canal… should I start doing bits of the Grand in anticipation of next summer? A bit of leg stretching can’t be that bad… could it? 😉

PSS – I’m not too sure the new gallery format’s been perfected yet… none-the-less, it has advantages. I really hope you enjoy this last Royal Canal walk… don’t forget… you can have a look-see at all the others on the Royal Canal Pages…  just remember the older galleries won’t show the captions until the editing process is completed… drat!

Finally… would you consider paying a few bob for a Royal Canal calendar? Ready for next year’s Christmas stocking? Or, for that gift to be thrown into an envelope to cross the water? How about letting me know what you think… I’m sure we can select about 20 photo’s out of all the galleries to include…

Do I dream… again?

NO… there’s been the mention of something along these lines… let’s hope! 😉 😛 😉 

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8 Responses to To Richmond Harbour and Beyond!

  1. Firefly says:

    I also like this new format. Its great if you have lots of photos. I’ve been on an educational with a journalist so I have lost a couple of days. Super selection of pictures.


    • aj vosse says:

      The new format has it’s merits… I hope you had fun out with the journalist. Was it an investigation assignment or for your own education? Senior son want to study journalism next year… good idea.


  2. 031b says:

    Arra…that’s only the first leg Vossie, you still have to do the Grand. And “our man” reckons he has something viable from Richmond to Athlone, though Athlone to Shannon Hbr is proving a bit more elusive.


    PS….Fair dues for the 1st 90, perhaps you should change the site to “Ouchmefeethurts”….!!


    • aj vosse says:

      Mick the Poet! Thanks for pointing out the name change option… only thing…,the feet soon feel normal and the back still hurts… 😉 I hope ‘our man’ can come up with something before the summer… I would hate some farmer taking a pot-shot at my sore feet… 😛


  3. gaelyn says:

    This new format is nice with the captions. Good luck with the calendar. I’ve been making my own for years.


  4. Joe T says:

    Not just a walk on the bank, a slice of life. Congratulations, well done,


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you Sir… memories to last a lifetime! A worthwile endeavour… especially because of the great people (and boats) I’ve met along the way… G&S… here I come! 😉


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