Stairway of Gratitude…

A few thing have led to this post… mostly my need to express my gratitude. For what? You may ask… a few things. I often wonder about this blogging thing… does it matter? Does anyone really care? Is our lives not too full of clutter already? Should we be reading what other’s have been up to on some odyssey of their own or in another spot on our forever shrinking planet?

The more questions I ask myself the more I realise my blogging experience has been a rather pleasant and gratifying one. I realise that if I stop blogging I would miss the interaction… I realise I actually look forward to reading what others have been up to. I also realise that I look forward to your comments and positive feedback.

Am I getting high on some ego trip? Maybe… 😉 NO, it’s great getting something good going. I really enjoy the buzz of seeing a new visitor’s comments… a new ‘like’… a new subscription… but, before my long-time loyal supporters think I’ve forgotten them, your comments are just as important to me. When I see you’ve not been around for a few days I stress… well, almost. 😉 Have I insulted you? Have I been too tardy with my comments on your blogs? Or… are you simply very busy with your own lives?

Again, too many questions. So… this post is specifically aimed at saying welcome to all the new folk. Welcome and thank you for finding something to enjoy on my site… thank you for returning. Thank you for finding my views interesting enough to hit the like button.

I don’t want to neglect mentioning anyone… however, what I will do in the next few days is expand my blogroll to include more links to interesting, insightful and fun-filled blogs. I won’t neglect my regulars either… I value your comments and insight too much! I’ve mentioned before that the first blog to get me hooked was Firefly’s Port Elizabeth Daily… I cannot get by without my fix of the old hometown. His inspiration set things in motion… well, I must remember to include young Des back in Cape Town as well… she pointed at WordPress and all the great advantages…  

OK… before I offend anyone… please look at my blogroll as it stands today… Hallysann, WitchyGeogypsy, SheilaRoss and Ted… and the others. I’ll soon add more names… to join the folk I have learnt much from and yes, don’t forget to mention all the enjoyment I’ve derived from following your vistas and views.

So… before I get carried too far away… I have to mention Lesley… her Thanksgiving post reminded me it was about high time I said THANK YOU to all my blog buddies, both new and old alike!  

Reflections... more stairs... more gratitude...

 Now onto today’s photo… yep, it looks familiar… one of the group I took not so long ago and a follow-up on Monday’s post. The image does it for me… but, here’s the thing… Firefly spotted that Monday’s photo was actually up-side-down… 😉 … me on the mess again! Aaah well… that’s what blogging is all about… sharing fun!

Now, before you get miffed with my prattle… I have to mention that I’m often quite humbled by the comments posted by visitors… especially when I have a look-see at your blogs and see the quality of your photographic work… I am rather chuffed when you would even consider hitting the ‘like’ button for some of my pictures! Again, thank you!

Having said all of that… keep an eye on the blogroll in the next few days and weeks… I’m sure you won’t mind seeing your name appear there! 😛

PS – Just before I do go off for the day… thanks too… to all the silent visitors out there… those to follow from afar… 😉 

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8 Responses to Stairway of Gratitude…

  1. Hallysann says:

    Dropped in to catch up again, I enjoy the bloggs and friends I’ve found over the time I’ve been blogging and am more than happy to count yours and you amongst them. 🙂


  2. Gaelyn says:

    I too enjoy the interaction of blogging and am glad I tripped upon yours. Or did you trip upon me first? Who cares.
    My blog roll grows almost everyday. Good thing I’m not working right now or I’d never keep up.
    Thanks for the plug and keep on posting.


    • aj vosse says:

      Always fun to visit your wide open spaces… I envy your lifestyle… but that said, I want to do a boat version of your nomadic travels! 😉 Good luck and thanks for sharing your time and experiences…


  3. nice aj! I too feel the same gratitude with my blogging – It is so neat to have blogging buddies all over the world.. be assured that when I am not dropping in it is because I am too busy… which lately has taken over my life.


    • aj vosse says:

      Work… it sure has a way of getting in the way of our blogging lives! 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve supplied in the last while… your blog is a winner of note!


  4. Firefly says:

    Thanks again for the mention and the kind words. Like you I often wonder why I blog and if its worth it. Do I waste my time going out to take photo or even take photos while out with the family where I could be with them and not behind the camera. Do people appreciate the work or even realise how much time it actually take to blog. If you don’t have a commercial blog, blogging is more than just posting on your own blog. Its also posting and commenting on others’ blogs. But every now and then you get a comment or e-mail or just somebody saying something to you in person that makes you realise its woth the effort.


    • aj vosse says:

      Touch Sir! I believe it is worthwhile… even therapeutic! And… it gets the creative juices going! 😉 As long as you keep going I’ll follow suit… may that last a very long time! 😛


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