Rambler Cruises Our Home Waters…

The tale of our involvement with the Rambler continues along the stretch of the Royal we call home water. We again caught sight of her just after noon on Sunday (04 Dec) as she approached Kilmore Bridge to the west of the Blackwater Aqueduct. Fortunately we managed to get on board at the aqueduct as the rain was by now teaming down.

We passed by Enfield in the rain… well, most of the afternoon was rather wet. We did see a bit of sunlight while passing Snark at her mooring west of Cloncurry’s. The cold damp day tried hard to get in the way of a pleasant cruise. Ah well, there are times when even a pleasurable experience can seem like a bit of a drag… yeah right! 😉

We eventually made it to the end of the Long Level in the descending gloom. The weather and short winter daylight hours putting pay to the plans of getting as far as Kilcock before dark. Oh well, that could only mean another day’s cruising at a different time. Should I complain about that? No! 😛

We locked through the double chambers of Ferran’s Lock before mooring and saying out goodbyes for the day, well, night. The good lady wife was waiting… happiness was heading home for a warm shower and hot meal… the price one has to pay for winter cruising… 😉

There’s still one more part of the tale to tell… hopefully now that the Christmas rush has passed I can get all these outstanding bits completed… before the new year is upon us… and the new job…

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5 Responses to Rambler Cruises Our Home Waters…

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  2. Beautiful shot..


  3. Gaelyn says:

    Seems any time on the canal is grand and better in the cabin during rain.


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