Words… Wonderful, Whacky Words…

This past weekend I was again reminded of the fun we can have with words. Come to think of it… how is it possible that a random, or not so random, selection of characters can cause such mirth? The human mind is something else… isn’t it? You see… there I go again… prattling on… words, it’s only words.

Two blog posts pointed at one thing… Hallysann’s procrastination and Judith’s feckless got me thinking. I have on a few previous occasions done posts involving words… defenestrate springs to mind… 😉 So, why not do a post about what I see the likely link between the two words… procrastination and feckless. Cause and effect…

The feckless political/financial leadership in Europe is caused by the procrastination of said leaders… the net result? Wrecked economies… broke banks… stuffed little man in the street!

I’m wondering… is fecklessness caused by procrastination or procrastination caused by fecklessness? I don’t know… is it maybe one of life’s conundrums? The meaning of it all? Or the ruination of it all? Drat… I say again… drat… my mind is now in a spin… a sure state of fecklessness has been entered in upon…

I’m reminded of something my mammy often cautioned about… “My boy,” the good lady would say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions… “

Good intentions? Procrastination… one and the same thing? 😉

Before I get to today’s image… another inspiration from a fellow blogger… I had the privilege of his visit to OMBH… so, with his consent I’ve attempted to do my own maze… now, mine is for a bit of fun. He, on the other hand, is on a quest… doing a maze a day for a full year!!  

Thanks to all three of you for the inspiration… I hope you enjoy my take on things… only problem… I can’t get the pdf converted to a workable image… so, here’s another first for OMBH… I’m leaving you with a link… go see if you enjoy my rendition… and yes, there may be a hidden answer… so, I’ll soon know if things work out… your comments will reveal all! 😉  

Click here… FecklesS

Here’s a few i-web definitions… just for the record…

Definition for procrastination: The act procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time. 

Definition for feckless: (1) Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective. (2) Careless and irresponsible.

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10 Responses to Words… Wonderful, Whacky Words…

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  3. I’m procrastinating on being feckless…. lol


  4. judithhb says:

    Thanks for the plug. I hadn’t even considered the link between procrastination and fecklessness. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for the pingback. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Only a pleasure! Your blog is an inspiration! Great to have you visit mine… hope you return often and feel free to leave the comments! They’re appreciated! PS – Happy New Year to you all down there in the land of the (temporary) world champs! 😉


  5. Gaelyn says:

    I am a feckless procrastinator.


  6. Hallysann says:

    😀 Like it !
    and thanks for the plug. 🙂


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