The Last Ramble of 2011

I’ve been promising to get the last 2011 posts out of the way. Our final Rambler experience for 2011 must surely rank as one of the most memorable Royal Canal boating days. We got the invite a few weeks after our previous trip… meet at Ferrin’s Lock at eight the Sunday morning.

We were there before eight… no chance of us missing out! EC and BT arrived a minute or so after us and within about 30 seconds the activity started. The chill in the air not damping our spirits too much.

EC set the vessel in motion as soon as the engine was up to the correct operating temperature. Lock 16 at Kilcock our next point on the route. Once we arrived at the top of Lock 16 EC felt the need for a quick dash into the village to look for a bit of  breakfast. Junior son was volunteered to escort EC to the best deli in town… so, off they went.

The trip continued as soon as they returned with the necessary fortifications. On to Lock 15, where we were met by Blackthorn’s folk. We continued on to Jackson’s Bridge. We were led into Lock 14 by a swan. This bird stayed with us for most of the trip… often seen out ahead…

JT, the master of 4E met us at Pike Bridge near the Carton Estate..From here he shadowed our progress, smoothing our progress through Lock 13, after that  popping up here and there to get the odd photo.

We were blessed with all sorts of winter weather… rain while we passed Maynooth then some wintery sunshine around the Louisa Bridge area. The cherry on the cake? A bit of a sunset spectacle as we approached the winter mooring at the RCAG headquarters east of Confey.

Altogether a fantastic experience… something I never dreamed of when I first encountered the Rambler some months earlier during the filming of the Waterways programs…

If you should feel to remind yourself of all my Royal Canal fun during 2011 feel free to go over to the Royal Canal pages… I had one fantastic time!

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