From Words to Art…

Yesterday’s word post prompted today’s visual art post. I’ve taken a few photo’s lately of old friend 31B down in GCD and even done a post featuring a close-up. Then, an opportunity presented itself, to get a photo from a Dublin building roof top… 9 stories up.

The profusion of lines catch the eye… verticals… horizontals… diagonals. Not a curve in sight. The grey sky a counterpoint to all that happens below. No, I’m not trying to sound uppity… just all the book reading coming through…

My mind keeps returning to the images created by Piet Mondrian… another of my favourite Dutch masters. If you think lines can be beautiful and interesting then click here to go to G-Images for a look-see at some of his work.

Lines... lines and more lines... not forgetting a smattering of boat out there...

All these lines have given me an idea… how about me doing a 31B modern? I wonder if MF will want an original for the wheelhouse? How should I sign the work… AJ or OMBH? Mind you… that’s  if I ever get it done.

Or… if the good lady boat has any desire to be defaced by a visual scribble by yours truly… 😉 I’m sure tempted to give it a go…

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4 Responses to From Words to Art…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I agree with Firefly. Should be a B&B, that’s Bunk & Breakfast.


  2. Firefly says:

    I still think there should be a great demand for overnight trips for visitors on these canals on boats like this.


    • aj vosse says:

      I think like you… a few of us are chatting about a few options… There are hire boats… you can rent one for a weekend or week… not cheap! I would love for something to get involved with as an income along the canals…


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