Pappa Smurf Visits 4E

I decided to make a small detour on the way home yesterday afternoon. Why not get off the train at Confey Station and take a short stroll to where 4E and Rambler are moored for the winter. I knew JT an BT would be out there… working on the rebuild of the wheelhouse.

All the boats at Confey... Rambler, 4E and the others... and, there goes the train.

About two minutes after getting onto the towpath I spotted a small forlorn figure almost covered by the sparse winter foliage. Just as well it was winter… otherwise I would have missed the poor little fellow. I surely couldn’t leave the creature out in the cold. Rescue was a must!

We were soon underway again. My new companion would take up his pride of place position after our visit to the boats. He is now hanging happily off one of the zip rings on my bag. The bag goes everywhere I go… well, not to bed, if you know what I mean.

Off to work he’ll go with me…

More boats and folk, also to see…

A canal bank or two he’ll walk with me

Rescued from the dirt, he’s now set free

To join me on my wanders…wherever they may be!

My new pal, Pappa Smurf... smiling happily...

PS – The rebuild of the wheelhouse is coming on fine! JT & BT have been doing well in the cold winter. Soon 4E will be as good as new again!

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3 Responses to Pappa Smurf Visits 4E

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  2. Gaelyn says:

    A wonderful diversion and an unusual travel partner.


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