A Different Day… a Different Girl…

Some time in the distant past I featured a rather tastefully attired young lady posing on a Sandymount sidewalk. (If you need a reminder click here.) She has a sister, metaphorically speaking, that is. This young lady is herself a rather curvaceous addition to the city landscape. She’s been standing round for a while now… absorbing all the Dublin weather has to throw at her.

Looking for my frock… blue and white… pretty patterns! 😉

She’s built for the outdoors… complete with natural ventilation apparatus. Her apparent lack of concern about hanging around unaccompanied on lonely street corners seems of little consequence… I see folk rushing by, very few even bothering with a sideways glance at the poor thing, metaphorically speaking, that is.


Where's my modesty leaf? Not a bother... luckily I'm pretty so it matters not! 😀

The young lady is tastefully adorned with bits of nature… fish aplenty, the odd leaf and even a twig, I spotted.

... the fish frolic in her frock... 😉

Her maker’s name is to be found etched on a frayed frond. Click here to visit the website of the artist… Linda Brunker sure know how to get the best out of the mediums she sculpts with… have a look.  

Etched forever...

I took the bold step of slipping the camera inside her… for effect… that is. I think I may have garnered the odd look of disdain… what’s this tourist at… the expressions suggested…

... inside out... a different perspective...

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3 Responses to A Different Day… a Different Girl…

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  2. what a great statue! nice shots aj. 🙂


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