A Zimmer Lost…

I’m getting to the point now where stories seem to come naturally. I see something and within minutes the fingers twitch… the grey matter sending signals to the limb extremities. Get typing. Saturday afternoon’s stroll along the inner city beginnings of the Grand Canal supplied much material.

Saturday’s walk also gave me a bit of food for thought. After last year’s Royal Canal posts where I didn’t have any plans for the walks or the layout of the material I may now change the format of the posts a little. Try and separate out some of the material that may not be directly canal related… ie, the humorous snippets and excessive wildlife photo’s, they can be for other posts.

So… when I caught sight of this image it inspired all sorts of ideas… not all that pleasant, I may add.

The predominant thought was that of a tiny old lady hobbling along… wobbling… OK… zimmering along. Then, to the dread of all those who got to hear about the old dame’s misfortune some time later, a few of the local thugs came along and took her wheels off of her!

Nasty thought, I know… but what would you think if you saw the frame in the water? Pray tell? OK… I’ll continue with my sick rationale…

The thugs, being very mean, then throw the zimmer into the canal… just to have a laugh at the old lady now having to crawl the rest of the way home. 

By the way… the papers reported a mistaken identity shooting a few days later… seems 4 village hooligans were accidentally taken out  by some drug gang…

Makes you think… maybe the old lady was acting as a decoy for the forces of good… or evil? I’d like to think good! 😉

Who's taken my Zimmer this time? Crocs on stilts? 😉

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4 Responses to A Zimmer Lost…

  1. Firefly says:

    You sure the little ol’ lady wasn’t foating down the channel somewhere


  2. Gaelyn says:

    Good story, certainly better than what came to my mind about the loss of a zimmer/walker.

    Sure hope your weather gets nice so you can get walking the canal. 😉


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