The Year that Leapt…

Yesterday morning’s stroll to the station was a first in so many ways… I don’t think I’ve ever walked to any station, anywhere, on the 29th of February. I have never done blog posts on the particular day… I wonder how many of us will still be writing and blogging when the next one rolls around? I wonder lots of things… has this ‘extra’ day in the year meant we had to wait a day longer for the eventual arrival of the summer? Has this day meant we are fortunate enough to live an ‘extra’ day this year?

I wonder about quite a lot these days… work, life, the prospects of moving house, again! I also wonder if I’m not attempting too much by wanting to walk the remainder of and cruise the complete Green and Silver this year? Am I being selfish? Will all these activities I’m so happily planning not rob too much of my family time? I’m reminded that last year I was home most of the time, so… when I went for a stroll the family were only too glad to be rid of me for the day.

I am reminded of a line I see often at work… you know those ’quotation walls’ that are so popular in the progressive workplace these days…

“Every man dies… not every man really lives!”

So… will I not just step back a little and consider my options a bit more or will I dash head first into each and every challenge that presents itself?

Strange how this ‘extra’ day in the year makes you thing a little more about the future… let’s hope you’ll all read my post Leap Year scribbles in 2016… 😛

As today is officially the first day of Spring, depending on who you speak with, I’ve just got to place a daf photo… these are some of fresh, new Enfield Station crop!

The darling blooms of March... 😉

Ps – Apparently there’s some rumour going that we all worked the day for free… big business scored a few million in free productivity… makes you think… 😉

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2 Responses to The Year that Leapt…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I wonder why you wouldn’t want to seize the moment?

    Since when does spring start on the first of March?


  2. Sallyann says:

    Don’t believe every rumour you hear … working a day for free … Nah !


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