The Set-up…

So… let me take up yesterday’s tale about The Mouth by repeating the last sentence…

And yes… when you read this over my shoulder, because I’m going to set you up… you’ll know that I’ll have the last laugh.

The plan? Simplicity itself. Wait for The Mouth to be within earshot… give the good lady a quick missed call… wait for her reply. Then, ever so nonchalantly and a little too loudly pronounce that I’m working on the sequel… yes, I’ll have the piece proof read at the first convenience… no, I won’t publish without allowing for a thorough review… no, don’t worry, everything should work out well.

In this manner I would bait the hook… three barb-less hooks into the juicy bit of fillet. Now… wait… see if the allure of the tantalising morsels could induce a take. The plans are made… the trap set. I rise early, dash off to catch the early train, not that I really needed to… this little labour of love was simply to stroke my ego… to allow me the indulgence of seeing the lad’s face when he realised he was being spoofed.

Only thing… seems the schoolboys have been given off on the day… there’s no sign of them. Looks like after all is said and done The Mouth may have inadvertently won! My little stunt backfired… my plot went awry… foiled, drat!! Double drat!! 😉

From sunrise to sunset... putting to bed The Mouth's latest intrusion into my life! 😉 This beauty was taken by the good lady wife while I was taking a call...

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3 Responses to The Set-up…

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    Foiled again. But not by that sunset.


  2. Firefly says:

    A beautiful sunset. Watch out, the good lady wife may start to be competition in the photography stakes


  3. Sallyann says:

    Hmmmn, Easter holidays there too is it ?
    Just two weeks to wait for your plan to to into action then. 🙂


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