Grand Sights…

Last Saturday, while we were experiencing our first taste of the summer to come, I took the opportunity to get onto the horse walk of the Grand Canal again. I am happy to report to a certain Mr JT that I’m now fully into Kildare… just in case the good gent again chides me about my obviose lack of making foot-fall into the wilds of the Irish hinterland. 

But… that’s beside the point at this juncture in time… 😉 What is quite obviose to me at this stage is that I’m slowly but surely loosing my preconceived prejudice about the Royal being better and prettier than the Grand. The Royal will always be a special place for me. It was, after all, the start of som many thing for me and also the family. It will also stay the bit of inland water we visit most often. Soon there’ll be news that will reveal more but for now, let me say I was rather plesantly surprised by my day’s walk. From open, rolling countryside to walled, grand estates and a rather posh eatery in a restored village.

Grand, quirky views, history and class… bits of decay and tumble down… all within distance of the canal. I had to keep my eyes open and not have tunnel vision. The Grand has been open and navigable for much longer than the Royal, so… there are many more boats to be seen. I must have lingered around the Hazel Hatch area for at least 30 minutes. Boats everywhere… old ones, newere ones… wooden ones… many old heritage barges that have been converted… all good eye candy for the enthusiast! 😉

But… on the day it was the countryside and the views that got me most. It is beautiful… green… massive estates with trees aplenty. I must say… I’m rather looking forward to seeing this countryside from the wheelhouse of a boat in the summer… as we glide by on the gently flowing waters of the Grand.

Quirky views... the countryside Along the Grand Canal between the 12th Lock and Sallins in dotted with grand views...

 PS – This post almost made an April fool out of me! 😉

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4 Responses to Grand Sights…

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    Always good to stay broad minded and open your horizons.


  2. 031b says:

    “I must say… I’m rather looking forward to seeing this countryside from the wheelhouse of a boat in the summer… as we glide by on the gently flowing waters of the Grand.”

    Is there a bit of news to be told then Vossie…??


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