Chapter 1 Ends – Sarah Jane Rests

Aaha… almost weekend again! This weekend will be a time to catch up on some rest and even to finish off a few much neglected blog posts. I’ve been sitting on about 3 Grand Canal walk entries… no time to put together the galleries. Occasionally, just occasionally, I suspect I have bitten off too much.

With fulltime work… the commuting… the joys of life… throw in a bit of blogging. boating and walking, my boring, routine existence gets a little crowded, to say the least! 😉 All the past weekend’s fun with Sarah Jane has made me sit up and take note of the packed agenda. Reconsider the immediate plans? Yes… it makes sense to rethink things, even just a tad.

My over enthusiasm for getting both the walking and cruising of the Green and Silver out of the way this summer is a bit daft. At times I don’t even have time for one pursuit so it’s rather better if I do things somewhat slower. Speed and stress fit well in one sentence… I don’t need the second so why bother with the first

So… what’s brought on this sudden burst of contemplation? Why all the philosophising and reflection? Let’s just say the conclusion of chapter one of my involvement with Sarah Jane was the catalyst. How so? Our peaceful Easter Sunday was interrupted when things went ever so slightly wrong.

We were making steady but slow progress along the Royal when the steering became somewhat more difficult. We eventually tied up and waited for JC Junior to get back to assist. After much debate it was decided to get the boat back to Richmond harbour to effect permanent repairs. With no steering it was necessary to man handle the vessel… hand towing a 12 ton boat has it’s moments!

Well… there you have it. The introspection was caused by the necessity of it all. Take a break… have a rest… the summer is on it’s way. There’ll be time later in the year to get going again… but for now, I have to again thank JC Junior and the Connon family for all their assistance and understanding. Without all their effort a mishap may have turned into a much more difficult situation for Sarah Jane and her new custodians!

That's JC on the lead rope... tugging away. And yes... that threatening black sky caught up with us!

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9 Responses to Chapter 1 Ends – Sarah Jane Rests

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  2. 031b says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of boating Vossie. Been off with Joe and Ben having a bit of craic. Me first voyage on me own boat involved one of me crew commenting after I hit the umpteenth lock (bit of a problem with reverse) “Its not a lifejacket you need on this tub, its a f**ing crash helmet”….LOL Anyway have a look at this… first season on 31B….and it doesnt even include down the Shannon and across the Grand…!!



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  4. Sallyann says:

    I guess the trick with hobbies is to keep them enjoyable, doing them becasue you want to, not becasue you have to. Enjoy the bits you do, and don’t worry about the bits you don’t. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Your advice, as always, is spot on! Yep… as CSNY sang all those years ago… *’Love the one you’re with…’*

      Maybe I should employ that with my past times… instead of trying to love them all at once! 😛


  5. geogypsy2u says:

    It’s OK to have a busy life as long as you take time out to relax as well.

    Sorry to hear about Sarah Jane’s steering problem. Best found early I guess. Your feet still steer don’t they? 😉


  6. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    Life and work tends toi get in the way of blogging and photographing. LOL! One really has to keep time carefully to fit it all in. I realsed this morning I haven;t taken on picture this week


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