An Update From Seamus…

Three weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Seamus Mc Donnell at the 15th Lock on the Royal. I told you of the reason for Seamus’s paddle. Well, yesterday I met up with Seamus and Anne, his good lady, and their terrier. Mind you, I forgot my manners and slipped up with getting the friendly furry’s name.

We met briefly… I asked Seamus for a favour… to meet along the bank of the Royal so I could catch up and get a bit more info about his quest. You may recall, when Seamus originally set off three weeks ago he planned to complete a large portion of what he now knows is the Green and Silver.

Seamus has concluded his original quest… with aplomb! But… as he is now in the running for the being the first person to do the whole Green and Silver by canoe he still needs to get back in his canoe and do more paddling.

He plans to finish off the Grand Canal section, from Hazel Hatch to the Grand Canal Basin, on the 12th of May… and then cross the Liffey in Dublin and proceed into the first section of the Royal Canal… all the way back to Pike Bridge where the quest got underway. This last section is planned for the following weekend. If all goes well he will be done and dusted on or about the 20th of May. Some achievement!

This is where you all can feel free to join the story. Since my first post Seamus has raised about half of his planned target of € 5000 for the Irish Hospice Foundation. Now is the time for you all to consider helping with this absolutely fantastic effort! When last have you donated to a cause where you have been witness to the exploits of one man (don’t forget his support crew) who has single-handedly powered his way around the G&S loop?

Come on! Click here and donate! You are free to leave as little as € 2…

A different side to things... Seamus and Anne, without the canoe... 😉 Thanks for granting my request for a chat!

PS – As I mentioned yesterday… I am using he good lady’s camera… I’m not used to it so the best photo I have is a little distant… drat for not checking that I had a better snap before Seamus and Anne set off back down the horse walk…

PSS – Thanks for donating… your week will be much better now! Enjoy… 😉

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