I’ve noticed a page on Gaelyn’s new blog. The ’Bucket List’ is a prominent feature on the top bar. I know there’s a movie out by that name… but, as I don’t do other people’s fantasies, I have no idea what it’s all about. As you know… the concept is simple. Dream up some exotic experiences… find a pen and scrap of paper… jot down the dreams and voilà… you have a list.

Have a look at Gaelyn’s list. The good lady has travelled extensively and has done what many others would consider daft. I, on the other hand, raise my glass to her. Her forthright honesty and uncomplicated outlook on life has allowed her the pleasure of chasing her dreams. Not only chasing fruitlessly… accomplishing her wishes!

How often we wish we could do something… we make our mental lists but never manage to cross off anything on the list. Why? Simple… we create unrealistic fantasies… then, in our overactive minds we convince ourselves we can somehow reach these outlandish dreams. Harsh, you may say… let me try and explain.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of standing in front of Michelangelo’s Pieta. In a split second I realised I’d crossed a BIG wish off my list! And… as I stood there, marvelling at the splendour of it all, senior son, by now bored out of his mind and not a tad hungry… was messing. I reprimanded the lad, maybe just a little unjustly…

Did he not realise that it was a special moment for his father? Why? He asked innocently. Because when I’d first learned about the great master, back in the History of Art class at school, I somehow understood that as much as I had wanted to see the beauty of all the Renaissance works, my chances were exceedingly slim. Lower middle-class South Africans very rarely made it across the border to an adjoining country, never mind all the way to Europe.

So… there I stood… having one of those moments… the tears of gratitude welled up… and, my son… not able to understand, questioning his father’s behaviour. I’ll add, he soon comprehended. As I’ve tried to instil in my children… grab ever opportunity life throws at you… grab it quick for it may never come around again!

So… in my case a distant and at one point in my life, very unrealistic dream had come true. Not only had I seen a Michelangelo, I’d been to Rome, to the Vatican, to St Peter’s… I’ve done it all… and I’d seen what many regard as the greatest work ever done by the great master! The dreams of a schoolboy, however unrealistic they seem at inception, can become a reality… if you grab a few opportunities on the way!

Yes... I stood marveling at the splendour of it all... a dream... a reality!

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6 Responses to Lists…

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  3. Joe T says:

    Had the pleasure of standing in front of it in 1972, a memory for life. The Grand Canyon maybe ?


  4. geogypsy2u says:

    I keep adding things to my bucket list all the time and will have to remember to update the one on my blog.

    I just want to follow my dream, and encourage others to also. I think I’d have cried standing in front of Michelangelo’s Pieta. I remember that from Art History also.

    Thanks for the plug, and checking out my list. I think everyone should have one. But then, I am a list maker and take great joy from crossing things off.


  5. Sallyann says:

    I’ve not seenthe film “The Bucket List” either. But if it’s any help, a bucket list is a list of things you would like to accomplish before you “kick the bucket” 🙂


  6. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    I believe every should have at least one bucket list. Why do I say at least? You should have two. One with stuff that you would like to do and that you could (with a little effort) get done and another list with those I really wish I could one day (afford to) do stuff like going to see the Northern Lights.


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