Do we earn the right to become grumpy old men or is it simply a cop-out? Do we really suffer a mental gear shift that causes mid-life crisis or is it just an excuse for changing the rules… playing the filed, so to speak? Is it our given right to become pompous cusses? MLC and MCP… here’s a couple of (not so) great TLA’s describing the malaise that seems to creep up on a certain section of society without any predetermined rhyme or reason.

The more PC one tries to become the more the grumpiness seems to turn one into an irascible MC with serious ML tendencies. Cantankerous… pernickety… difficult, opinionated… downright full of sh*te… or beans. 😉 Both?

Or… does one earn the right to all of the above? Generated by ticking off the years one by one. Increasing the ire as milestone after milestone slips by. Experience… is that the prerequisite for the onset of MLC? The driver behind all the grumpy, skewed interpretations of life?

Aaaaaah… I hear you groaning beneath your breath… what’s got into him today? Nothing really. A bit of fun with words… shows what can happen when investigating the correct meaning of…


PS – Just in case you wondered about today’s 6 W’s…

Wednesday’s wise, weird, whackingly wonderful words…

PSS – I’m not too sure if whackingly qualifies… if it doesn’t then so what?? 😉

So... another tree photo... why not? As I'm being cantankerous today... and it's my blog I can do what I please... haha... 😉 Enjoy your day... have fun!



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5 Responses to WWWWWW…

  1. Sallyann says:

    HA HA ! I love the word cantankerous !
    I’m going to be as cantankerous as I like when I get old … but since I’m pacing myself to live until at least 103 and haven’t reached middle aged yet. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Now there’s a thing… one of my kids said something in the week about hoping their pappy lives another 50 years! That will get me to the magic 103. Only thing… I’ve rather not paced myself… somedays I feel my age!! Haha… 😉


  2. Awesome! I love the environment in which you live. You’re lucky. Thanks for sharing.


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Some how you lost me.


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