The Birds and the Bees…

Last Saturday I went off chasing boats and trains. But, I think by now you know nature also grabs my attention. So, after arriving home with in excess of 1000 photo’s to trawl through I quickly realised a series of posts would do better justice than trying to choose a few boats, a few trains, a few blooms… you get my drift.

GSK and GSA stayed over the night, so… Sunday morning we sat in bed, GSK perched between the good lady and I, looking at all the photo’s. This post is for GSK… not only does he love the boats and trains… he also loves the wildlife to be seen along the canal. I’m going to try a new download method to get the photo’s onto the post… so, there’ll be no cations… just a lashing of pictures… enjoy! 

PS – See if you can spot the water drops… fun! 😉 Enjoy your bank holiday… and if you’re nowhere near a holiday then enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week.



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6 Responses to The Birds and the Bees…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Wow ! someone’s enjoying his new camera. 😀
    Just a thought, the bigger the picture you upload, the more space it takes up and the sooner you run out of free upload space on your blog. I open mine in the “paint” program, then re-size to 15% and “save as” on the desktop to upload and be deleted after.


    • aj vosse says:

      OMBH lasted about 13 months with the initial 3Gig space… I’ve had to buy extra space, so… I do’t really mind uploading the large format…
      If I can remember… I payed about 15 Euro for 10 G… that’s the yearly dose WP offer… 😉
      As I’m continuing with the blog I may just as well have the space… and use it!! FUN! 😛


  2. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    Do you make your pictures smaller first before posting them. It would make the upload a lot quicker. I love all the birdy pictures by the way


    • aj vosse says:

      I have such limited software on the little PC… I have to use what I’ve got. I think the next target will be a new laptop…

      Actually, I’ll be getting one at work but I think private use will be a no-no. Pity, it will most probably be a IBM machine, powerful… may even get photoshop installed… 😉

      As always… thanks for your visits! Thanks for your comments… pity I can’t return the compliment from the little notepad. Let’s hope I can access all my blog buddy’s posts from the work machine. 😛


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Very nice job on the birds and the bees. With the new camera comes a whole lot more photos.


    • aj vosse says:

      I’m going to have to slow down… it’s taking me forever to do the uploads… my little notepad is not fond of all the similtanious action! 😉


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