Would You?

Grey, damp… no, wet… miserable weather. Proper winter blues weather. OK for the likes of me who works indoors… in a lovely warm environment. Yep, I would know… the temperature control is one of my babies. So, as they say in the classics… one tends to look after one’s own interests first when it comes to things like having a cosy place of work.

There I was… strolling along on the 9th floor… off to see to some issue when I caught sight of a sign of movement, where there should be no movement. Take two… yes, my eyes were not deceiving me. There was movement out there. Two lads hanging off ropes… doing window sealing work outside!

I gestured that I wanted to get a photo or two… the lads smiled happily and gave me the thumbs up. I departed hurriedly… the closest I would get to running down 7 flights of stairs. I grabbed the camera and returned… no, you got to be joking, not the stairs… the elevator, or as I call it… the anti-gravity device.

There they were… for all the world to see… swinging off their ropes, tools, equipment and materials hanging off their belts… silicon guns in hand, rubber sealing strip aplenty. Wet to the bone… even the best rain gear can’t keep our Irish summer sky soup away from human skins, of that I’m convinced!

It was only while taking the photo’s that I noticed the sign… makes me wonder? Will we now be able to push against the glass? Would you try? I would… only with a ten foot pole. A little later I went up to the roof to have a quick chat with the lads. One thing was certain… they really enjoy what they do… hanging off the edge of a building… doing what very few of us would do!

They’re over from the UK doing the job. The only drawback? Their ropes are not long enough to reach the ground, so… they have to climb back to the roof every time they need to move the ropes. The reason the ropes are not long enough? Would you like carrying your own bodyweight in wet ropes and equipment?

I had to go out in the rain to see the lads hanging off the building. The ropes played their part in the fascination…

It was fun standing in the relative shelter of the buildings… aiming the camera heavenward… as you would expect… a few folk shot strange glimpses in my direction… until they bothered to look up as well.

Then I noticed the lads starting their assent again… so, I moved over to the shelter of the next building to get the picture a little better defined… while I’m on that topic… no, I’ve not done a colour wash on the above pics… it’s just a typical Irish day…

Getting a leg over 15 floors up? You bet! 😉  These lads are expert…

So… there you have it, now you see them… now you don’t. That leads us back to the beginning… Would You?


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4 Responses to Would You?

  1. Sallyann says:

    No … and yes ! No I wouldn’t have been hanging on a rope on the side of the building but definately yes I would have got the camera to take a picture of the two men doing it !
    Well done, great shots. 🙂


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    No Way! But sure glad you took photos. What an awesome sighting. Maybe they’d like some copies for advertising.


    • aj vosse says:

      They were gone when I went looking for them later… I think they may return again as there is still work that needs completing… maybe I’ll pass on some pics then… 😉 good idea! Thanks 😛


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