There Rows a Man… for Charity.

I sort of felt a sense of déjà vu on Saturday morning…  chasing after illusive boats on the canal. This time it was on the Grand Canal. This time it was only one boat… well, one man in his canoe. Why the déjà vu? I was hoping to meet Seamus at about the 12th Lock… like last Saturday when I was to catch up with those boats as they locked out of the moorings at the 12th Lock on the Royal.

I missed that moment… so, I set off for the 11th Lock… like last Saturday. Here all the similarities ended, apart from being near canal water in the greater Dublin area. I spotted something in the distance as I was crossing the road bridge. Yes, it was that distinctive green canoe… it could only be the fella I was to be meeting up with…

The broad smile soon confirmed what I already knew… it was indeed Seamus. This time round he allowed me to give him a hand with lifting the canoe out of the water and onto the dolly wheels for the  portage past the locks.

As locks 11, 10 and 9 are so close together Seamus wanted to walk the little stretch so I accepted his invitation to join him. We talked about rowing and walking. The solitary nature of the individual out there in nature. We talked about the real nature of his paddle. To raise money for the Irish Hospice Foundation. I briefly mentioned that I now too have a charity page… the fundraising is slow… but the need is great! Below the 9th Lock I helped Seamus get the canoe down the ramp and into the water again.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion for Seamus… by evening he would be done with the whole length of the Grand Canal. He planned to join up with the folk in the Grand Canal Dock where all the boats are amassing for the Dublin Rally. What next? One more day… back up the Royal Canal from Spencer Dock to Pike Bridge… one more day and Seamus will be the first paddle powered recipient of the Green and Silver award!

Please don’t forget why Seamus undertook rowing in excess of 360 kilometers! If you need a reminder drop in on my Charity Starts page. I do hope our small efforts to raise awareness of our chosen charities will help in the long run! To all of you who have given, I say THANKS!! To those who still want to give… I ask PLEASE??

God Bless!

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4 Responses to There Rows a Man… for Charity.

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    Yes, Seamus’ smile is contagious. He’s obviously a good man. As are you.


  2. Sallyann says:

    Smiles are contagious, thanks Aj … and Seamus. 😀


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